Mylife reunion dating

Sure, it was a month of Kate Hudson movies and foot massages -but also of stereotype-shattering insights into the politics of the modern American marriage.

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That is Rule Number 11 in George Washington’s list. The Unitasker: I was so distracted – by the internet, by my cell phone, by snacks beckoning from the kitchen – that I was four months behind deadline in writing this book. I unplugged my laptop, I meditated, I talked on the phone – just talked, no surfing the internet at the same time – crazy, no? But more than that, you should say whatever’s on your mind.

I also refrain from adjusting my private parts in public. I decided to rewire my brain to I will be the most focused person alive. I Think You’re Fat: I became a temporary convert to the Radical Honesty movement, which teaches that you should never, ever lie.

His books are well-researched but not boring, and his insights are both enlightening and often laugh-out-loud hilarious…brilliant.

He’s not just in it for the yuks -- though there are plenty of yuks.

I adhere to the Founding Father’s “110 Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation.” I learn about dignity, compassion, and the timeless social benefits of a properly executed bow. I’ve come to believe multitasking isn’t just a minor problem, it’s the Eleventh plague.

Among the experiments in ‘‘ (Which was published in hardcover with the title ‘The Guinea Pig Diaries’): What Would George Washington Do: Living in an increasingly uncivil world, I decide to take radical measures: I follow in the footsteps of George Washington.

These projects wreaked havoc on my life, and drove both my wife and me to the brink of insanity, but also gave me fascinating insights.

I hired a team in Bangalore, India, to take care of everything in my life. My e-mails, phone calls, shopping, arguments with my wife and reading bedtime stories to my son.

Plus, my wife writes a rebuttal you don’t want to miss.

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