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Seriously I wouldn't make such upsetting/insulting choices!

In my experience this site merely spams you with anyone and anyone to make you feel good!

You'll find options to see who viewed or saved your profile, who sent you a message, who requested your photo, and more.

Paying subscribers are also given a private photo gallery viewable only by members they choose.

If you spring for the paid version but aren't happy with the service, Fitness Singles offers a 'Perfect Fit Guarantee.' During your initial 12 month subscription, Fitness Singles will extend your membership for up to 12 months in addition to your original year-long subscription.

Once your profile has been filled out and you've added photos, it's reviewed by a Quality Assurance team.

The team reviews every profile to ensure the site is a comfortable environment filled with quality individuals. With your profile approved, it's time to start searching. There's a basic search, along with a custom search and a username search. For something more targeted, Fitness Singles offers matches tailored to your profile.

When you find someone you're interested in, there are several options to start communicating.

The simplest is to click the 'Show Interest' button.As fitness becomes more important to a growing number of people, the need for a niche dating site catering to fitness fanatics is increasingly great.This service is ideal for people with a passion for running, cycling, bodybuilding, and many other fitness activities.I made it clear i was a smoker and felt confused when all my matches were non smokers...........especially a guy who had lost his sister to lung cancer 'contacted me'!He was very polite and confirmed it was smoking that put him off..he hadn't even seen my profile!The options are extensive, including common pursuits like baseball, dance and weight training, as well as more unusual hobbies like adventure racing and trapeze.

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