Invalidating factors of a contract

Under the Second Restatement of Contracts, a party may assert a claim for relief from unilateral mistake regarding the terms or conditions of a contract or a liquidated damages clause.Relief for unilateral mistake may be granted if the mistake would render enforcement of the contract unconscionable.

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The question was whether the contract leading to the repossession of Bundy's farmhouse was voidable due to pressure brought by the bank.

The Court of Appeal of England and Wales ruled that since the amount of the loan was already higher than the existing mortgage, Bundy received no direct benefit from the agreement to increase the mortgage amount; that the bank failed to notify him of the true financial condition of his son's business, and that it threatened to call in his son's loan if Bundy did not agree to the increase.

The extended credit contract was written so that none of the furniture was considered to be purchased until all of it was paid for.

When the plaintiff defaulted and failed to make payments on the last item of furniture, the furniture store attempted to repossess all of the furniture sold since 1957, not just the last item.

Understand the vitiating factors to a contract: Factors that invalidate/vitiate a contract: misrepresentation; other vitiating factors in outline only – mistake, duress, undue influence; relevant case law.

Unconscionability (sometimes known as unconscionable dealing/conduct in Australia) is a doctrine in contract law that describes terms that are so extremely unjust, or overwhelmingly one-sided in favor of the party who has the superior bargaining power, that they are contrary to good conscience.

The District of Columbia Court of Appeals returned the case to the lower court for trial to determine further facts, but held that the contract could be considered unconscionable and negated if it was procured due to a gross inequality of bargaining power.

In the United States, the concept as applied to sales of goods is codified in Section 2-302 of the Uniform Commercial Code.

Upon finding unconscionability a court has a great deal of flexibility on how it remedies the situation.

It may refuse to enforce the contract against the party unfairly treated on the theory that they were misled, lacked information, or signed under duress or misunderstanding; it may refuse to enforce the offending clause, or take other measures it deems necessary to have a fair outcome. Procedural unconscionability is seen as the disadvantage suffered by a weaker party in negotiations, whereas substantive unconscionability refers to the unfairness of terms or outcomes.

Unconscionable conduct is also found in acts of fraud and deceit, where the deliberate misrepresentation of fact deprives someone of a valuable possession.


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