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Currently the game offers only a few clothing options but the wardrobe gets additions regularly.

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For even more action, check out the user rooms where in many cases anything goes.

Some rooms are public for all to visit but others will require an invitation from the room owner.

Your apartments can be redecorated with a variety of furnishings including couches, tables, beds, plants, entertainment systems (upon which you can watch porn) or even more entertaining – fully functional stripper poles.

In addition you can change wall coverings, ceiling designs and floor type.

All gifts currently cost 300 “XGold” which is the 3DXChat virtual currency.

When you sign up for 3DXChat you will be given a starting allotment of 1,000 XGold.You can also go to either of your homes or shared user rooms.There are a few group activities (besides the obvious) to participate in which include dancing, playing beach volleyball or a fun game of spin the bottle.3DXChat game design is elegant, intuitive and easy to use.In addition the interactive sex game launches with a simple to understand tutorial that walks you through various aspects of game settings and play.Here you can toggle between communications in the local area or throughout the entire virtual world.


  1. With the advent of the Internet, communication and acquaintances have become more available.

  2. Upon arrival, women attendees get padlocks and men get keys.

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