Billy campbell dating

require([ 'ext.Context' ], function (ad Context) { var context = ad Context(); if (instart Logic Recovery) { //Copyright Instart Logic Mon Jan 08 2018 - version: 8.4.5 ! Best known for his role as Rick Sammler, Billy Campbell is one of the talented television actors in the entertainment industry.Smart and talented actor Campbell rose to stardom in the entertainment industry with his acting in the 1981 TV series ‘Dynasty’.

The series became the top rated TV show in America at that time.

He even appeared in the hit sitcom ‘Family Ties’ in the 1980s.

The couple broke up in the year 1996 after dating for five years. He has played rugby games with the Chicago Lions RFC and the Santa Monica Rugby Club.

Aside from acting, he likes traveling and meeting new people.

Having struck up a close friendship after Rob joined the show last year, the pair have continued to bond.

Not long after joining, Rob opened up about his initial worries that his sexuality may make fans struggle to believe his character is in love with a woman on screen but he quickly dismissed these fears.He starred in the short series ‘Moon Over Miami’ in 1993.His appearance in the TV adapatation of ‘Tales of the City’ was overwhelming and he even appeared in the 19 sequels of the series.American actor Billy Campbell was born on July 7, 1959 in Charlottesville, Virginia.He came to prominence playing Luke Fuller on Dynasty (1981), the gay lover of character Steven Carrington, on what was then the top-rated TV show in America.He completed schooling from Western Albemarle High School and is a graduate from Fork Union Military Academy.


  1. These euphemistic terms were used to describe behaviors, not identities (recently some fashionable young Chinese tend to euphemistically use the term "brokeback," 斷背 duanbei to refer to homosexual men, from the success of director Ang Lee's film Brokeback Mountain).

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