Benefits consolidating vendors

Increased purchasing power allows companies to amalgamate their volumes together, and maximize pricing.

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Gulp will have no trouble compiling your vendor and app code into a single file.

The benefit of this is it would reduce the number of requests your browser needs to make to a single script request.

However, lowering freight allows a company to both lower costs, and level out its gross profit margins.

With some estimates at $50 to $75 to pay invoices or cut a check, reducing the number of payments by reducing the vendors a company pays, can add a significant savings in soft costs.

Mainframe server and workload consolidation is well-understood and has been commonplace for the past 20 years.

However, the focus is now on distributed platforms and, in particular, on server consolidation for the major Unix variants and for Windows platforms.

These points above have outlined some of the benefits, but over time, there are others, and it is incumbent upon companies to investigate them further. Lower your per-unit freight costs and secure those contractual agreements on supply.

On my current project we have our gulp build process dropping our Angular application to two Javascript files; one for anything in the app (things we wrote), and one for vendor files (basically anything brought in; e.g. Recently a request came from a more abstract influence on the project to consolidate the (and CSS equivalents) into one file to reduce HTTP requests.

In addition, there is the benefit of inventory and procurement professionals better managing their vendors, and having more time to spend on analysis, as well as inventory management and planning.

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