Queer girl dating advice

Online dating opens up your dating world to more than just the same fifty people you see at work and at the gym and presents you with a whole world of other possibilities -- at least in theory.

The biggest problem about most dating apps is that they cater pretty exclusively to straight people.

Annoyed by the fact that most of the platforms, "took a site for guys, turned it pink, and called it ‘Lez on Lez’,” Robyn started to think she could create something it better. Forty percent are gay or lesbian, 30% are bisexual, 10% don't identify at all, and the remaining 20% are pansexual or queer.

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The largest internet dating sites like Match and OKCupid boast 59 million users and 30 million users respectively.

With so many people - straight and otherwise - taking to the Internet to find their next relationship, it might lead some to wonder why people who identify as queer can’t just use the same dating apps as everyone else.

We looked at the variety of gender and orientation options that were given by each app, as well as its general friendliness to the queer community. Here’s what we found: Match is one of the largest of the dating apps with a massive user base, but in terms of queer dating apps, it’s basically useless.

Users are limited to the tired old binary gender assignments and are only able to say that they are looking for “men”, “women”, or “both”.

The definition of queer is very different than the definition of gay.

And because a general lack of understanding about the difference between these two words seems to lie at the heart of why great queer dating apps are so hard to come by, we wanted to take a second to define queer. On the broad spectrum of sexuality, “queer” is a full rainbow unto itself.After all, in our society the words gay and queer often get used pretty interchangeably.However, there is a reason that “queer” gets its very own letter in LGBTQ.The main appeal of online dating is that it allows users to search by specific parameters to find potentially compatible people, but for people whose gender identity and sexual orientation are more complex than the options they are given, this search functionality becomes virtually useless.With this in mind, we set out to find the best queer dating apps on the market.Grade: D First the bad: Like many other dating apps, OKCupid only allows users to say that they are interested in meeting “men”, “women”, or “both”, which is definitely not ideal.

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