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Noah Wyle agreed to make two four-episode appearances in Seasons 12 and 13.

While he did so in Season 12, his Season 13 episodes were pushed back a year to season 14.

Maura is also known for her role as Lisa Miller in the NBC sitcom News Radio from 1995 to 1999.

The character, called simply "Carter" by most other characters, was introduced in the pilot episode and appeared for eleven consecutive seasons.

Wyle decided to leave the show as a regular character at the conclusion of season 11, despite offers to stay.

He gets off to a rocky start when on his first day at County, he nearly vomits in the emergency room after seeing a critically wounded patient and has to be consoled by Chief Resident Dr. Making up for his lack of superior ability, Carter shares a dedicated and compassionate approach with his patients.

Initially interested in surgery, he switches to the ER, much to his surgeon mentor Dr. During his surgical residency Carter lamented the lack of patient connections and specifically regretted the lack of thorough follow-up and care.

After Abby Lockhart (Maura Tierney) catches him injecting left-over fentanyl from a trauma into his wrist, Carter's colleagues hold an intervention and Dr.

Greene demands that he go to an inpatient rehab center for medical doctors in Atlanta or be fired. Benton convinces him and boards the plane with him.Gallant enlists her help in getting a critically burned Iraqi girl lined up for surgery in Chicago and heads for the United States with 72 hours leave.THE ER MUST AID AN INJURED IRAQI GIRL: A young girl in Iraq is wounded in a car bombing and local hospitals are unequipped to help.As a resident his confidence grows, and he often goes out of the way to help patients.During Season 6, Carter and his friend and medical student Lucy Knight (Kellie Martin) are stabbed by patient Paul Sobricki (David Krumholtz), a law student suffering from schizophrenia.Upon returning from rehab in Season 7, Carter makes peace with his brain-damaged heroin-addict cousin, Chase, and apologizes for his long absence, saying, "I didn't want to admit to the fact that I was just like you." At the end of the season, Kerry Weaver returns Carter's application for Chief Resident because of his history of addiction.


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