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"Now, we've got people coming in who talk about how their relatives and friends and neighbors are going back to work and are back on their feet, and they're wondering, 'What's wrong with me?

According to the old saying, you shouldn't talk about religion or politics in polite company.

Add one more to the list of conversational taboos: Credit card debt.

Other survey results Other notable findings from the poll include: Talking about your debt Credit counselors and financial experts say it's important to talk about your debt, if not with strangers, then with a spouse or friend.

"If you can't find someone to talk to, go to a nonprofit credit counseling agency that can take an objective look at your situation and offer advice on solutions," Mc Clary said.

"One person I interviewed was deeply religious and said he talked to his pastor about everything, including his wife's infidelity," Compeau said.

"But when he ran into financial problems, he wasn't comfortable sharing that with his pastor." Part of the problem, Compeau said, is that even though there are legitimate reasons people go into debt (medical bills, job loss), the American culture tends to assume that if you're having financial trouble, it's your own fault and you have some kind of character flaw.

'" A tough divorce that drained her savings persuaded her to get serious about tackling her debt, but it wasn't until she started sharing her efforts publicly in her blog,, that she began to have success. "I got really positive comments and feedback from readers who gave me the kick I needed." Smith got a second job at H&R Block and gave up cable TV, movies, her gym membership and other luxuries to cut her living expenses down to two-thirds of her income.

A year later, she had paid back every penny of debt.

Their greater openness may be because younger Americans grew up with texting, blogging, social media and other tools that encourage users to provide a certain amount of personal information, so they're more comfortable with topics once considered private, Solomon said.

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