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The fault lead to reduced internet speeds intermittently for approximately 33 hours.

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Pre-write offline your emails and prepare your photographs, wait until the cruise ship visits the next port, then visit the cruise ship terminal and send/receive your emails, cellphone/mobile phone calls, Skype calls, etc.

WIFI there is often totally free (but quite slow at busy times).

The fact that the Azura is a Bermuda-registered ship was not received kindly by those of us who had to pay those outrageous WIFI charges.

We know many were adamant in refusing to pay them at all and made this clear to other passengers.

An internal review on the fault has already begun, inclusive of our overseas service providers, in order to assess and improve our diagnosis, resolution and communication processes.2017. Telecommunications firm Tele Bermuda International Ltd has been bought out by the East End Group in partnership with Celeritas Ltd.

EEG owns the wireless internet service provider Bluewave and is a public safety and wireless communications provider.

(Note, their websites will be linked to gladly when they reciprocate the link).2018. The board of telecoms group One Communications Ltd has authorized the repurchase of up to two million of its own shares.

The Bermuda Stock Exchange-listed company said the move would continue its current buyback programme until December 31, 2018.

At approximately pm on Sunday, December 31, our operations team identified an initial network instability issue, Frank Amaral, Ones chief executive officer, said.

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