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I must say that I love my job as it helps people unite and helps them to change lives to better.

When a man finds a good woman, he finds more sense and taste for life.

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You should always strive to make everyone feel comfortable and appreciated when in a group setting. When having a meal with other people, you should make sure that you are well versed in table etiquette.

This includes how to use your napkin, when and how you use the utensils, and even how you hold your wine glass.

Also, when you smile, ensure that it is a genuine smile.

People will notice if you are faking, and you will come across as insincere.

As a woman, it is important you know how to smile and laugh in a feminine fashion.

Laughing loudly might attract the wrong attention and have a negative impact on your feminine image.

Dressing stylishly and then acting badly will not project a feminine image.

To learn womanly etiquette, you must first know what etiquette is.

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  1. Since then, I have built a successful business with 30 employees, launched our service in six cities, closed another round of funding with IAC/Match, the world’s largest dating site, as the lead investor—and proved all those hesitant investors wrong. I began matchmaking from my cubicle and, eventually, started hosting singles events.

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