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He also touches on controversial issues, as what happens when someone cannot have children.

(Audio) Living & Parenting, by Rabbi Yakov Horowitz.

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This book is a must for anyone who wants to better understand the challenges of intermarriage and ways to deal with its ripple effects.

by Tamara Stokes Staff Writer Matchmaking is a mitzvah, says Ben Glatzer.

After a few messages back and forth, we decided to meet for coffee at Cafe Regular du Nord in Park Slope.

It was drizzling that day, a perfect day to sip some hot coffee.

Stories, games, brainteasers, and a whole slew of fun activities for Chanukah that will delight the entire family. In this series of lectures, Rav Weinberger covers how to raise and educate your children in order to bring out their best qualities, and how to infuse them with more yiddishkeit.

He offers advice on how to motivate and inspire your children, and points out that even the most difficult child has unlimited potential.To help accomplish that mitzvah, Glatzer has founded Dallas Jewish (DJS), an on-line dating service that he believes will "revolutionize the Jewish dating scene by building the largest active database of Dallas-Fort Worth area Jewish singles profiles."With the Jewish community experiencing a dramatic increase in intermarriage in recent decades, Glatzer says, "Jewish singles initiatives warrant high priority in the DFW Jewish community."His mission is to have "100 percent participation with the DFW singles community." "We hope to achieve this goal by the virtue of our personal local relationships in addition to cross-marketing plans with all DFW Jewish organizations and synagogues," says Glatzer, president and marketing executive for an investment firm.The site, for singles 18 and over, was launched Jan. To commemorate the event, the Jewish Community Center (JCC) of Greater Dallas threw a party at Kismet on Greenville Avenue. Dating Secrets for Getting It Right the First Time.Filled with real-life anecdotes and insightful dating advice, this book will help you better understand yourself and what you really need to succeed in building a loving marriage. This is a perfect guide book for those seeking an introduction to Torah Observant family life, as well as a reference guide for students, newlyweds, and anyone seeking to learn more about one of the most important tenants of Judaism - i.e., Jewish Family life.Jordana later told me that she had the app for less than a week when I got matched with her in October 2016.


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