Updating hard drive

(3) With the SSD installed in the target machine, the second trick is to use the partition manager once more to create the desired partition structure on the SSD.

I took the opportunity to mark /dev/sda1 (the boot partition on the original hard disk) as the boot partition (Gparted – Partition – Manage Flags) on the SSD, hoping that this would allow the machine to boot at the end of the exercise (more on this later).

Seagate hard drives offer high quality, but they can also experience certain issues once in a while.

updating hard drive-6

(1) The first trick is to use Gparted to resize the partitions on the hard drive, shrinking each partition so as to reduce the amount of unused space it contains.

Obviously, the partitions must be sized such that the total space required for all the partitions is less than the capacity of the SSD.

I recently switched out a 160 GB hard drive on an old laptop computer for a 120 GB solid state drive (SSD).

The process should have been easy – just make a disk image of the hard drive, and restore it to the SSD.

Documentation available on the web indicated that the task at hand was indeed possible using a combination of Clonezilla and Gparted (the Gnome Partition Editor).

I used bootable versions of both these programs, with the full process involving the following steps.

While the process, as noted above, is relatively simple, Clonezilla isn’t for the faint of heart.

I have never seen so many error messages streaming by when Linux software is loading.

Since my current installation of Ubuntu uses ext4, partimage was a non-starter for my present purposes.

However, Clonezilla is a similar disk imaging program, which does support ext4, and so I opted to give this software a try.

However, free disk imaging programs (especially Windows-based products) typically don’t allow this, and offer to let you purchase a “pro” version that provides such capability as an additional feature.


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