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She went to work and told me later how she had the guts to go into the office and find the number.

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The date was set for a Saturday night, she told him I was in Chicago and would not be back untill Sunday so she would pick him up and they could come back to our house.

My wife and I decided that I would go drive around and when they were done she would turn the porch light on and it would be okay to come home.

Sex with a Younger Man - My wife's first fuck was one year after we got married, we were drinking a few beers one night and for some reason ( not sure why now) I wanted to tell her about an older woman at work that was so hot. Then for some reason I asked her if there was anyone she had thoughts about.

She was hesitant to tell me but finaly said that when she was at work at a local garden store, her friend and co worker told her that while she was working the cash register the boy who was sacking for her was looking at her kept looking at her ass. Anyway this young man was 18 and just graduated high school, my wife was 23 and is now 29.

I was so horny getting jacked off while she was telling me this, she was grinning at me, she knew I was loving it and she was digging it to.

I would tell her to stop because i did not want to cum before I knew everything.

How horny he must be getting suduced by a 29 year old married woman at her house with her husband out of town.

I drove around in the country thinking of all sorts of senerios then about 3 hours later I decided to drive by and see if the porch light was on, the signal that he was gone and I could come back.

She said he tried to act like he had been with many woman before but she could tell he had probably only been with his girlfriend ( he had told her on the phone he had a girlfriend).


  1. Why stick around to be neglected by someone who’s not into loving YOU? You’re stuck with someone who is too dense, busy, or selfish to share their love with you. When a mate stops answering the phone when you call, no matter how many clever excuses he or she produces, look beyond the lies. A person can say, “I love you” all day long, but if they also say mean, sarcastic, offensive, derogatory, belittling, embarrassing, teasing, taunting, profane, undermining, de-motivational, depressing, hurtful things to you on a regular basis, he or she does not love you.

  2. He said it was important for the unnamed victim in the criminal case to know he’s not alone.

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