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In turn, Joe's been spending his time on the movie and at Charles' house, surrounded by siblings and couple of amiable parents ("You always have a place here," assures Charles' dad). And watching her with him, through the Super 8 frame, you know exactly why.

Then comes the monster, at once the major metaphor and problem of Super 8.

Abrams — who, like Spielberg, certainly knows just how to direct young actors — gets fine, natural performances from his tween and teen leads, especially Courtney and Fanning, while playing with our genre expectations in ways that surprise and delight us.

It’s a science fiction thriller set in the small steel town of Lillian, Ohio in 1979, focusing on a group of middle-school youngsters who are using the titular camera to make their own zombie movie in the hopes of entering it in an amateur film festival.

The budding director is Charles, played by newcomer Riley Griffiths.

Sur les traces de celle-ci, Elle Fanning commence sa carrire plus tt encore, deux ans et demi.

Sa soeur ane, Dakota, a commenc jouer pour le cinma l'ge de 7 ans.

En 2011, elle partage la vedette de "Super 8" avec Joel Courtney, un acteur de son ge.

Le film, produit par Steven Spielberg, raconte comment un groupe d'enfants fait face une invasion extraterrestre.

The Super 8 look of these scenes is terrific, grainy and blocky, ambitious and familiar.

Charles' story has a detective, played by the boys' tallest classmate, Martin (Gabriel Basso), in a bad suit and glasses, and a few explosives effects, engineered by their firebuggy friend Cary (Ryan Lee).

Digital Spy caught up with Elle to talk about being the only girl on set, working with Abrams and why she'd like to follow in the footsteps of big sister Dakota Fanning and be directed by Steven Spielberg.

Fourteen-year-old Joe (Joel Courtney) is helping his best friend Charles (Riley Griffiths) make a movie, a zombie picture where the actors lurch and stagger, spurt blood from their mouths when they slam their heads against nails on a wall.

The boys watching her are utterly transfixed, and so are you. In this assortment of kids, Super 8 shows a reverence for detail.


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