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The Irish people and the Native American Choctaw nation are bonded by the difficulties they have endured in their respective cultures and the resilience they have shown to overcome hardships, the Chief of the Choctaw Nation told a gathering in Co Cork yesterday.

Chief Gary Batton told of the similarities between the two people as a special feather sculpture was unveiled in Bailick Park, Midleton, Co Cork.

Adair research, confirmed by others, identifies Atsis Sani (active 1860s to 1890s, d. ) as the first Navajo to work silver, and another early smith, Atsis Chon (active1870s to ca.

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But we knew once we heard of the story of hardship of the Irish people we knew it was our time to step up and help out.

We have endured — the Choctaw people and the people of Ireland.” Callie Armstrong, Lillie Roberts and Mandy Lawson, Choctaw Nation, Oklahoma, at the dedication of the Kindred Spirits monument to the Choctaw Nation, at Bailick Park, Midleton, Co Cork.

The availability of turquoise and silver, together with better silver working tools, enabled craftsmen to supply the growing market among Indian traders and tourists who were arriving in droves by railroad to visit the Southwest.

Field work by John Adair in the 1930s, working with Navajo informants with memories dating back to the 1870s and 1880s, provided a clearer picture of developments after 1868.

It included traditional Choctaw and Irish music and dancing, as well as activities around the sculpture and the story.

‘Kindred Spirits’, by Cork based sculptor Alex Pentek, was commissioned in 2013 by the former Midleton Town Council to commemorate the time in 1847, when the kind people of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma heard of the suffering of the starving Irish.

“The people in Ireland know how to get a gathering together.

It is hard for me to express what a great honour this is this tribute to our Choctaw ancestors.

I can’t tell you the feelings it gives to me to see it in person.


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