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By making the controversial Yogi one of the prime faces of its Kerala campaign, the BJP made the mistake of raising the communal pitch: the ‘love jihad’ rhetoric may be alluring in the backward regions of Uttar Pradesh, but in a state which celebrates its universal literacy programme, the divisive propaganda against ‘forced’ inter-religious marriages will invite a backlash from those who see it as a deliberate attempt to divide society.Moreover, can a Yogi credibly challenge Kerala’s social development record after having endured the embarrassment of spiraling infant deaths in Gorakhpur’s main hospital?

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If Kerala then is still resisting the BJP juggernaut, it reveals the limitations of the politics of polarisation.

The Hindi-Hindu-Hindustan ideological appeal of the BJP was originally designed for the caste and community cauldron of the Gangetic heartland.

This ornate, sinuous temple carving of a horse is royally decorated for a temple procession.

Mounted on a carved base that allows the horse to be upright in a rearing position, this piece is made entirely out of teak woo...

This is a single shutter door made up of teak wood and is over a century old.

There is a carved panel, devotional and mythological in them...

This does not mean the BJP cannot grow in Kerala: if political Islam continues to radicalise Muslim youth, if the Pinarayi Vijayan government fails to check political violence, if the Congress remains a party lacking energy and cohesion, then the BJP does have a future in the state.

But to march ahead, the BJP must shed its core Hindutva prejudices : Kerala can be conquered by spreading harmony, not fomenting hatred.

Why has the BJP failed to crack the Kerala conundrum?


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