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The surreal life puppy, now age 11, lives in Long Beach California after being given to friends of Dave Coulier after the show.

The puppy's name is Winger after the Detroit Red Wings .

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Mindy Cohn was scheduled to be a cast member, but dropped out before taping began.

Some episode plots involved Ron Jeremy's topless porn-star pool party, Tammy Faye's book signing with members of the gay and transgender community.

Former model Nguyen is suing Seagal for sexual harassment and illegal trafficking of females for sex. Nguyen as his sex toy.' According to legal documents, during Nguyen’s interview for the assistant job, in February 2010, the actor asked her: 'Are you sure you wouldn’t mind helping my wife around the house if she asked you to do something?

'Nguyen says she replied: 'I would have no problem helping your wife if she needed it.'Next Seagal supposedly said: 'I’m a family man, and I live with my wife, but she wouldn’t care if you were my lover.'My wife wouldn’t mind if you and I had a sexual relationship.' Each of the six counts seeks in excess of $1million in damages.

Memorable moments included Date Night, an agonizing recording session for the group to produce an original song, and Flavor's insistence that he drive the group's RV despite not having a license.

Flavor also caused a brief disconnection with the cast, when it was revealed during Dirty Laundry that he had hit the Surreal Life puppy.

The show features the star in his 'other job' a sheriff's deputy in Jefferson County, Louisiana.

But this is far from first time fatherhood for the star.'I have six children and I love all my kids more than anything in the world,' Seagal says.'Kunzang is the latest edition and he's the light of my life.

In one episode, the cast works at a local retro diner under the management, Vanilla Ice hoists Gary Coleman above the deep-fryer, and insists on having the former child star say his catchphrase, "What'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis?

" in public after Coleman's Strokes co-star Todd Bridges shows up.

Steven Seagal is known for his age-defying martial arts and action movies, but now he's pulled off another great stunt and become a dad again at 58.


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