Fictional interracial dating

In 1987, it was pretty controversial, with only 48 percent of Americans agreeing that “it’s all right for blacks and whites to date each other.” In the most current survey, however (from 2012), 86 percent of Americans thought it was hunky dory, up slightly from 83 percent in 2009.Of course, just because Pew made a pie chart doesn’t mean your relationship is going to be without its bumps.

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Not every interracial pairing is or has been married, but the percentage of interracial couples on is pretty substantial in comparison to both real-life statistics and other television shows.

Despite the diversity of the cast, the majority of the characters are white and the majority of the relationships have one white person in them.

In fact, I probably would wait to “come out” to your parents until after you see if the relationship has potential.

Don’t lie or anything, but also don’t take out an ad on the “L.” But—and this may be the romantic, Pollyanna view—I do firmly believe that skin color should have no bearing on whom we love. If you’d like advice from real mixed-race couples, take a look at Erica Chito Childs’ book “Navigating Interracial Borders,” or read Roger Ebert’s incredibly touching essay about his wife, Chaz. She fills my horizon, she is the great fact of my life,” he wrote on their 20th wedding anniversary. Want to ask Anna an anonymous question about love, sex or dating?

Dear Anna, I'm a black woman who's attracted to a white man.

I like him and he feels the same way about me, but I've never dated outside my race before.

Just like every relationship in Grey-Sloan, every interracial relationship is laced with explosive drama; has never shied away from important and sometimes uncomfortable topics.

Cristina and Owen’s relationship is full of disagreements and tense arguments over their different stances on having kids and her subsequent abortion.

I come from a very black-power-oriented family and I'm not too sure how they would take me dating a white man. Take this with a grain of metaphorical salt (I’m a half-white person who looks entirely white), but I say get your swirl on, lady.

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