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4IOPQ , The all Peronist* Ihrre is no legislation preventing Peron Gets l ough. Florence Acreman was walking with her dog In the moonlight near her East St Mike home when she heard the explonive roar of sudden fire. including the minister himself, of unjustifiably jailing Work under this contract, Hungarian employees of the le besides the logging of 80.000.000 gallon and of harrassing Hun say me .i, a Hno garian visitors to the legation power commission should ad- *«•« of tlrrfber. The gnvernmf nt o[ (he| vance its plans one year for and grubbing of some 1.780 ; Un|fcd S|Jll M CO nald*n , h e.*e , utilizing power in the Bute acre * 0 f heavily wooded areas actions . # as particularly re ' inlet area on the mainland and Q|) ^ fore«hore. drawings for both Job* may he / , r/iiri/» Silt XIII IT I IISolv Pl I obtained from the Commission'* 1 * f **' f * VJ IIOC/I'I/LU office in Victoria or may be seen at the office of the secre- tary of the Building and Con- struction Industrie* Exchange. l ha* large Kr Hale r*aa I i mirror ■ o attached ■ which •« ■ ' i not ahnwn. 1955, by British Columbia Power Commission for the clearing of Buttle Ljtke in connection with a hydroelectric development at Upper Campbell Ljkr on i'arfipbdi River. British Columbia Three copies nf ihe lender shall be enclosed in a sealed «nv elope marked 'Tender for Clearing Rutile Jjike ' and addressed to: British Columbia Power Commission. CALL FOR TENDERS BRITISH COLUMBIA POWER COMMISSION Upper Campbell Lake Clearing Contract Sealed tenders will he received until twelve o'clock noon. 1935, by British Columbia Power Commission for the Hearing nf Upper Campbell Lake in connection with a hydro-electric develop ment at Upper Campbell Lake on Campbell River. Custom-made Skirts ^Aorrurd Qjtfelamd £%)»* tin Tafilfbt la Hi H-ii *f Prairami I n4ln( In SI STARTING MONDAY WIN MIHN COLOR/ Russia, on the other hand. II FBIf *Tt T Miiln* Ortma Bill iln'i Mm I Papular *tai la HI* Mill I inline Hal* ■•If -I -4 *bari «ab|ffl* Inrlu4ln| Pralur*il* In T*»bnlralar Glliwpt** af “Thin Wonderful World" r«mpt»'f * IS » Ml r*alara •lari* 7 It. While on the subject of caution, game department officials request that hunters observe all safety precaution^ while using firearms and make certain gun« are unloaded before being placed In boats or cars Particular care 1 * asked of those hunting near 1 he main road in the Malah Hl area, where crews are working on highway construction. LOT 72*341 OP- nnaite *497 Tymloll Avenue, OOMfllt Heed It 350 Mr Smith, 3-5243, eve* 3-1.292 i Jrhn Mon • • CHOICE LOTS pon SALK OOOD rli-irh-t re**nnab.y orlred Ouy* * 1112. attic, baaemert Phone Oattge* 32X A modern home over- louking the Ourge Only ft*e y»*r» nld Inrluile* •epera'e aune retted at 142 per month and one lmu»e. aid enough la hav* rn* a'l done Built an tna yh hall P *n with larga living flrepiare, na* tlnor*. Additional property is required at both Diamond and North Oy T ster schools for playground ex '-AST INDIA, panslon. Seaton, building J_ ,ie ,s - Al committee chairman, said Che p Vr«*e ' iri VX J « malnus Elementary school has „f Montana’s been greatly Improved by ex tain, after a tensive interior renovations dur mites that ha. military hlsto ■School hoard show tn eonjunction with the At bernl ili Mtrh t rail fnlr. TUUPA IN TORT Nlrhlfx Maru tnadina TABttl* in ro Rr Hrlvia Onnralo loadio( TIIK1R SOt ltgi. was low bid der for the new addition to Nanaimo court house The new structure is tn tie a two storey concrete addition be- hind the present court house, Tender price was S2H5. The phony bill i* the exact si/e of a nnedullnr bill and similar In Color and texture The "tract ’ is put out by The Bible Crusades. The merchant said yesterday that during a rush-hour period of business one of his customers The BAY Rings the Bell for Back -to -School DOUGLAS AT FISCARD F riday Store Hour*: ft A.m. J Moran, police learned dial hoy under 16 cannot be sentenced to the young offender,' unit, although ofw M#u! can member* of the Budapest supplies for FORESHORE ( LEAKING •*R*'ion. Work Involved In this rontrart Involve* log glng some 36,009,000 feel of timber and clearing and grul»- hing Mime 0.279 acre* of "heavily wooded area* on reservoir foreshore." joming Debonair film atar Cary Grant will rune to \ letnria ne«| Wednesday for a per- sonal appearance In con- nection with his latest, **To Catch a Thief." Grant co-star* with Grach Kelly In the Alfred Hitch- cock film, which begins a week-long run at the ( apltol Theatre Monday, lie will appear on stage twice a* he end* a Canada-wide lour to publicize the film. or may be seen at the office of the Secretary of Building and Con- struction Industrie* Exchange 342 West Pender Street, Vancouver. The work under this contract involves logging approx- imately R0.00n.000 feet of merchantable timber, clearing and grubbing nf roughly 1 .780 acres of heavily wooded areas on reservoir foreshore Completion dstes of contract shall be not later than May 1. Tenders will he opened In public at the rnmmlsutons office in Victoria at 2 pm. The Commission reserve* the right to reject anv or all tenders and Ihe lowest will not necessarily be accepted. Three ropies of the tender shall he enclosed In a sealed envelope maiked "Tender for Clearing Upper Campbell lake" and addressed to: British Columbia Power Commission. 1 winter feed this summer ami hay imports are likely next winter, Special Offer! COLOP W -*Y *rn*i jfb« C MOVCC L*»Oi| - JO-N MIL HAW 4 ^ t SV O a, m-PCWCOC* Lighted nightly of du» .! KC GUINNESS In MAN IN THE WHITE SUIT GLENN FORD ANNE FRANCIS Susan STEPHEN Cecil PARKER Dennis PRICE am Eileen HERLIE NOW SIl OWINf AI. Yates at Quadra CARTOON SELECTED SHORT SUBJECTS AN INSPECTOR CALLS” ATKKT NEWS CARTOON f rang lb* ria* by I. 18 , 9.20 The life-inspired love story of an Australian farm -girl who sang her way to fame and romance until fate struck her a cruel blow . larana Charles Bickford ,r LA BOHEME" Mv I lean at Thv Suret Voice from "SAMSON AND DELILAH" One Fine Day from •MADAME BUTTERFLY" Finale Ad 1 frcll could easily result In a general closure before next week-end. S Bnorman, eve* T-4U39 APARTMENT BLOCK OAK BAY apar'meni* and • l* a rhanee fur lern apartment tili 50 3 LOTS CLEARED GOOD LOCA- ttan Muu aell aw net leaving Pbbb# 7-IISS after 4.10 pin SECLUSION PLUS LAKE HILL DISTRICT , ACRE SEAFRONT, i. ait school, where the supply , ' t| , l R ' fluctuates so much that water ° r |,a,ro " * must be transported to the well periodically during the school ' 0r ™ Nobel until I he board see* no pupil Iran* «- portation problems for the new * school term Z , a,mi I Irate. In which Adams' car i«iri into the rear of a bus driven by Thomas E Dame. He said the present mi na- tion forces high school gradu- ates tn go to Victoria or Van- couver for higher learning, often resulting in the student Bible Tract Looked Enough Like Dollar To Do Trick NANALMO j him whai U* thought were three one dollar hills to cover an even purchase The merchant discovered later that the "tracl" had been placed t*e- tween the two genuine onedol bill*. rlosoly resembling a one-dollar bill was used successfully this week to fool a Nanaimo district merchant. Keating, (abide Hill, Duncan and Hooke, call Zenith 6010, toll free. Phone 4-0581 ARROW A ROOM FULL PRICE 388 •p O/Iw D ow N “V DELIVERS GIVES YOU EVERYTHING PLUS A FREE BONUS roj M mri Tio CRSOM FOB «mn nil DELIVERY TO ANYWHERE ON VANCOUVER ISLAND (►-Piece Living Room Group i cocoas TO CKOOM rmo M nr*T IMlmvr TABU TOf wrm nn \siom IMF FREE FAIRBANKS MOKSK 2 FLOOR % POLISHER 1 6-piece living room group con- *V« Ton pair- rh*M Oil a beat price - utd . Jackson, right, won all four games in Fletchers’ hard- earned win over Arrow Furniture, capping his great performance last night by pitching the clothiers to an N-3 triumph that gave them the title. 49410-41 420 Only el eye* |rlt Contact Bailey at 3-4117, *'-nlng. 1*» R'reet PROM 4*20 A TMl Illil* p«rklend "O * *ert-id»d ra*.l bordetin* on Athlon* Drive and Shcntecltff NORTHWEST HOMES 3-9411 B17 Dnugla* CUBAN LEVEL I OT 72*301. Canaria Department of Agriculture are followed THE CITY BROKERAGE 00 00 hxrr.e nl -even tiifl'.i*, enuld #• dun e *-| \rr» o».i t •»! five rnnm* e*rh tide oil heat Sxerilmu la- ration Term* arrant**! Calif., freckle-faced, red headed* Johnny Washbrook, 10-year-oid actor from Toronto, holds up the rabbit’i feet he took with him for luck. Therese Returns from Scientific Cruise Bn Cl \KI MORIN The Prestonian class frigate HMCS Ste. with Pa- cific oceanographic group and fisheries department scientists, docked at Esquimau yesterday after having covered more than 7,000 miles of the North Pacific. These were hauls down to a dept of 1.300 over the entire Pacific ocean tian islands. much of the j y r ’ c selected areas simultaneously work has yet to he completed Each day at three oceanogra were made and current meat I he combined fisheries and tcria covered the area west to „ ni1 *111 exchange data that can at the Pacific Biological Station phlc stations, the scientists took urements taken.

away, heard « crackling roar t,rm u * 1, W ,or FORESHORE ( LEAKING and probably saw the actual generators downstream on outburst of first heavy flame. George Stewart, ex- ‘ rammed it through a rowdy two- that time the fire was on must be completed by Sept. and the lowest • inory Super Willard Weofhermotter. MT “THE STEEL TRAP” JOHN lllllh BUfllli 111*11 •TR 1 NTK Of PIKATKS" llrama ’Irrlmlrnlnr (lain — 7 Tn- If** VI nil ••Inn* 1a M|M (Kuh J*f| la Ima.fmrni Tail II 1 mir Car I Iran** I nil. PICTURE OF THE MONTH” Red Boot Magazine first as a booh now as a motion picture! Conflicting reports have been re* rived regarding the number nf blues ob-srrved in the more popular Vancouver Island shooting areas. It appears that the birds are in generally good supply although coveys average one or tw'o birds le«s an I lire more scattered than la«d season. only 5 HON T DELAY IT WIT If R P S Itarrlt eve* 7 S9450 SI 000 DOWN CENTRAL PARK HURRY! .-»*# Wrt ireed ivj'd srrl'iaion W ATEH FRONT PROPERTY LABOR bnathou** Sidney T -3019 LOTS ON NEW ISLAND HIOHW AT. CHOICE LOTH 9 3997 Steak and onions, liver and onions and Hamburg and onions are practically Inseparable. Particular* from Mr KUat KER & STEPHENSON LIMITED , the onion rings first Into a quarter of a cup milk then Into the seasoned flour. thread cube will brown In 40 seconds I, In frying pan snd fry the onion rings for three minutes or until golden I bro^2H. Lillian llii-kling of Na- naimo will Judge entries.

Given Wide Powers BUENOS AIRES t APf-Congrwa '»'* «n- rerun wia Senate them from being sent to ordinary Thursday night gave President claimed the siege bill Into law fighting It prisons. gre Ukble al this time In view of' Completion date for the ,h# * *"*»*«* P|»«* at -he re . ~nt t^neva 4 Big Four, confer- 1 Copies of specification* and Cary Grant (online Here the water, abqut two miles „ . Tenders for clearing around Upper Campbell take must In- in the hand* of the commis- sion by noon on Sept. 342 West Bender street, Vancouver The commission reserves the the House of Deputies The Dally Colonist learned Work »t Upper Campbell right to re)en any nr all tender* His lawyer. ■ CALL FOR TENDERS BRITISH COLUMBIA POWER COMMISSION Buttle Lake Clearing Contract Sealed tender* will hr received until twelve o'clock noon. gives RANGOON (Reuters) them translations of llieir authors nicse jail guard at Pa- An opened lb 30 day.*. Their only stipulation i« ,it| the rrlh and then kept the rest that l he group perform the plays "f the prison staff covered while .1 .l. -T convicts looted the armory, it exactly as they are written. ft IT A4ult » nl*«ialnmr nl Onlr Air Conditioned in* MMI ror Tov - thuim w nn. ACADEMY AWARD CALIBRE” — Ed Sullivan Life's Most Plaintive Cry Htandn alone! * « * Although the dally hag limit on hlue grouse ha* been raised to eight birds on the advice of game biologists, reports Indicate that grouse shooting may tie more spotty than during the past thiee better than-average seasons. evenint* and weekend 9-2391 r XCILLENT Ct'NOm ON AND TERMS Pour mom* r e m e n t n»«-ment Tm- Ihrougbout tow ,* TAxrs rnir? keeping rnnm ta rent * tin per month Ornund level emranre for Xif SZl $15,250 *nn a* vnn dawn Boormon Investment Co. rull r- i*ed dining renm 4-ptree rok* h»*h J good bedroom* m-rh bityement Piped hat air r. 4 4137 DAY OR NIGHT DALBY & CO PARTNERSHIP Available tn tine «nmmer and ft.h- ln« reaart. 1 "ttvlalilc Hall will conduct a dog oliedience display prior to opening of the show. He'd, medical health officer Children mingle Just a.-- much during .summer hull day - im they would at school, he said. The franktm and myrrh of t tie bible came from the hill country of Dhofar. tween the Arabian Sea and the great Arabian desert.

* \ ARROWS TR\ HARD A Arrows tried hard but just 11 didn't have it. «» mejelv the fir*t big step in their quest for the Canadian softball title Van- couver IBKNV come* to Vlctoi a Saturday for a be*l-of-*even BC champ Kutship series with the win- ner hosting a team from Ontario for the Dominion title Fu st games of the scries will be played Sxtur day at '* p.m and 7 First gam» _ . down after ttir jtt-rond to hold Arrows to f«mr hi D , while his teammate* hanged awa., J 1 ”* f ' at relief pildter Sluggctl for a big * J n get margin With ihe score V.t at the hot loni nf the fifth the lop oim.* nf ihr winnrr s hatting order e\ ploded for three more runs on a ri«otn- of double*, a walk, anil a v-o iifice fh Jackson blanked ihe *r.n v. Airna , and Fletcher* had themselves an r ' other title. club n r j j]n|dovers Ken NVe*t ai d lime f-h AMken . GENERAL TICKET SALE today — 10 A M TO GAME TIME Admittion (Alt Seats Rssarvtd) 75c and SI (Th Included ) NO TELEPHONE ORDERS, PLEASE •rout Winnipeg Blue Bomb- ;‘.a.7".n7 vw a., .^’r. in* room 14,1* fireplace; dinina rumn II 4a4: oak floor* lliiu nail caulnrt elacirlr alich*ci wilh dim ig *l’*rv two Invely bedroom. high wnh dnvr-in garage and Oll-O-Matic air -n- roimra ho* water heat with ml Bee Mi* mil. 'our rnaau /town t)i»r» ritnm* up Upper auli* rent* far PER MONTH Dan « ne.iiate iw *#■ tht, rhmc* $8950 POona Roy E Mill* *-#«.5», rea . gve, 4-4474 GORGE OAK BAY BEACH DRIVE BUNGALOW Strikingly allraitlv* •bun*a- in* with Iwo h*dinom» and utility, living room I4a» dlnln* innm 15*17 P*mbroka ireihroom in vnlnr. 4-4115 Com/nrtahi* ftv* - com bungalow plu* e»tr* ran at which r*n be u*ed a, etna bedroom, batement. ,n main roam, ideal family horn* Quirk pn»M,(oe Pr-e* * ~r a C r\ on term* . eve*, 4-1*44 OLYMPIC HOMES WHITTOME'S NEAR JUBILEE SI 500 - DOWN - $1500 10 MINUTES FROM CITY CENTRE )44 DOUGLAS BT. • "ua'ed Otl-O-Malie ha*t -enarair *••*•• Revenue 111* moalh plu, KST . Dibb came to Victoria at Ihc She was a charter member nf Ihc Order of Ihc Eawicrn Star, hc- longin R to Sunset Chapter No.

Gar Taylor s crew « * entered the dmilileheader need ing both games to even the * In *pu- -»f - thrilling 3 1 ers to nn victory in the fir*» game Kiev the title. jirii«r Athletic Another rtmiblrheadrr Is scheil uled for Alldettc park Sunday at _• ? Stephen* .«od quarterharks Otto Jvlluuv Brow n and Jack Hnrneaty. Ida and |.l*e*e phnna for appuin'meni In Inaoeri interlsr, 1404 Selmont A.*nu* Pul prlc* • 15 714 8 L Hargrav*-* Rei'lgr, Building. O A KB AY LOW TAXES Pin# fiva-ruom bungalow— pooet. Nlra garden at b*.-g •Ith fruit Ire., .-vrnn Prlied right 5/600 Dawn 11 544. cgbiner kitchen Thl, lovtlv homo It nn 1 *,pen,iv*lv bulll ' through- out and I, in auoerb randlllnn The lot I, double "«» wl'h lawn* and tree* lmmediata oceupancv ran ^.r.erma, $17,900 Ml.. Phoii# J-4JI7 $7950 $7950 $7950 THE BEST BUY IN VICTORIA AT THE POINT OF COMPLETION A iwo-bedroom hnm* |«r«* living room fully modern kitchen, three- piece ba'hraam full b«„ m , n i • I'h drive -m garage, no a large )«' Down payment u.454 hal- • n«e |5fl per mnn'h Inrludlnt la,e» Contact Mr | y Rauoder,. OII-o-Matie heating nlrel y land tea tved with p*«lo Grand talua; or win trad* for J-bedronna rwitb term*! $8950 T»rm, I ikon Down Eve, ca.l 7- mi or )-7a*4 VIEW ROYAL Near waierlrnnt Lovely aiueoo b-m- *#’"• etlh Ihrea bedronm, Laigr living room #(lh flrrplac* dining •par* beaut l" til ranlnet kitchen, haroworvd Goo,,. eva*., 4 4115 WATERFRONT HOME SPACIOUS RENTAL SUITE There era iwo ,elf -coo'alned *utiaa In Ihli *f u ccw building •inly uvu year, old. 44, Duncan, and was also a member of Ihc Rcbckah Lndtp*.

w» then brought 10 Pnn« •'"’I* ■‘cp.rtmont to llrmrlr in George to face a similar charge, and was recognized -by «- provincial the case. Millie 6,000 a hell I* expected to fetch a tem to provide additional power price of several hundred thou- for Vmvouver Island s growing sand dollars. A short time after sentence was handed down by Magistrate P. Mrs, Acreman said the fire had spread perhaps ver an acre or more, nnd that 1 men from West Sooke were The new Upper Campbell dam ect mu-d also be In the feet high and 1. 27 a ' hi * Lane Ontario to long— is designed to store water and will be opened at the same ^ dfparlmem , ccu! the L pj*^r 1 fliupboll of spying on Arnprl* generator* at tha damstte and tenders. Copies of specification* and drawing* may be obtained from the Commission'* office Victoria RC. A deposit of *100 00 is required for each ropy of the specification and drawings This deposit will be refunded in full upon return of the specifications and drawings in undamaged condition. Tenders will be opened In public at the Commission’s S fflce In Victoria at 2 pm, Pacific Standard Time, on eptember 27. The Commission resen e« the right In reject any or ail lenders and the loweat will not neears *urplu* slock nf powdered skim milk and recoup financial lows caused by recent drought, it was announced Thurs- day. Lowry , president of the On- 1 tario Concentrated Milk Producer*' Association, told delegates at a convention here that farmer* use*! JAMES BAY HOTEL Bnjaf Our Ham*-Ci Mb*4 Mull I.anrhran. It 1 pa ■70 GOVT BT ALFRED HITCHCOCKS TO CATCH A THIEF Color b/ TECHN. SET TO THE WORLD’S GREATEST j MUSIC / Olivia de Havilland m» N ri Himm Robert Mitchum You II SING with her. and PRAY for her as she fights her way hack with a song' f Hafcwnen from "CARMEN" Miacua s Waltz WW Frank Sinatra a* » 41 W Gloria Grahame f 4P4 Hmrrirt Broderick Crawford m» Dr. Word, senior girls’ M ' , 'han campaign counsellor at Cowichan High, si rated ended Oct. returned the the gun to di Another trouble spot is Salt . NI A charge of opet Mting ,i vehicle without adequate brakes resulted in a fine nf 82 r and court costs for (‘(Nil Harklay Adams of tfos iity when he appeared be fi ne Magistrate T. M Pat- lerson Thursday I -'e charge arose oat of an accident . executive manager of Na naimo chamber of cnmnietce. suggesleil yesterday trial Nanaimo needs higher educu facilities. Printed on the simulated hill me the messages: "Ask and ye shall receive,” “Given upon request,” "re- PCnt.” "believe," and "the gift of God is eternal life through Jeaus Christ our Lord" The merchant doe* not know the identity nf the person who slipjied him the phony hill, nor Is he sug- gesting that anyone connected with the religious sect which printed it Is responsible. OMBO t Reuters)— Wongen of - counters Attending the golden jubilee congress of the Intertm- lional Alliance of Women passed a resolution Tuesday urging gov- ernments in stamp out illegal traf- fic in women.

An eye-witne*.* from a cross 1 Ch a nge So ugh l ommis lion were disclosed in a note delivered to the Hungarian le- gation here The arliou wax ap- proved persona It) by secretary of state John Foster Dulles* be-| fore he left for a two weeks * rnmy ‘Annihilate and Crush' He pleaded guilty to the local — car theft charge and was flint sentenced to a term of three month definite and six month indefinite tn the young offenders' unit at Oakalla, tn bo served concurrently with the Smithers sentence. ’hey moved very rapidly." That was at 10.30 pn READ RAPIDLY At 11 pm. British Columbia Copies of specification* and drawings may be obtained from the Commission's office. Completion dates of contract shall be not later than September 1, 1956. Tnr ’ So the Japanese people— lh" 27, the guard and four other intellectual, influential one*- see a guards taken hostage* then fled into the jungle Cordova Ray I Jin I ted Prtitnt the Smooth Rhythms ANOTHEK DELIOHTFIT ENGLISH KIMHIY . MURRAY r ON MPJ BOGARDE 3-64 1 4 /■ or iiipitmr en/o.vmcrif NOW SHOWING Blackboard Jungle” A MERRY Wy MARRY-GO- ROUND OF LAUGHS M/ITH A ‘FULL- HOUSE' OF fl CHARACTERS! of the N« ment appointed to date endered north The Krhool hoard has re- l 'rl/r ■arpaw Mount fused the request of Somenos M «, 7,," , K , •treat of 1.600 PTA to place the Old Somenus j ,n ' parallels in *rhool And N i*w S tirnnini threw «pitr M-hnol under the admlnls- PORT AI. M (I p of the school for water to meet demands of V *** n al the modern rural school. ■ ilj choose pink, blue, white or yellow in sizes 8 to 14 .

were simply out of their class ’animates Ri C John Furmston. jt and 7 with the remaining game- if nec»-**ary, bv he played i Hn s.-wl il inn o' Drake* of the Vic- , League ® hl ' series at Cleveland New York Canadian Intermediate over a powerful aquad 'hat : w ill ..i.i, iu in Ai an m Football League will have a afford Drake* a good test In Yankees tied with the Indians |r J 0(1 w Mh new com pn*for their league .m.h« "«P f (| v 1BW „„ Ip,„,r V.mpfrr. Sch’edufe and District Football League g#01 t oa Dr „„ tt (lm|llr H ,a.d yesterday that "we are {? soccer officials and heavy fi- Lewis said that BUI Bamford, 1^1 nancial losses, may get hack Rill Hope |^»s Kihbert and ^ w- i n r n business within the next Harry Carruthers, all members , n t *n «am ' month •«# -the now-defunct Victoria City n and imr 4 Charlie Lewi*, spokesman squad, had agreed to line up d 7 y'l • I i* v c. 4-M17 anyrim* 57 HOUSRS FOR SALE ALL GOOD 57 HOUSES FOB SALE CAOr Vi ,n " "-"nt a. #.-"d- Inuklr.g hr.ni* 12 500 run down 440 per month. J-MI1 dare ar 9 *734 night, i» three-year-old while kiurro 0»ln- • *|n« nice large living tunm and kl'fhen two hedranm, Pull b*^ mini «i-h 'gin rnnm Oil hni air h*ar Hantwivod and Hr lloor* Hatemenl garage Oond bout* Itaianre paid • ai 445 per man'll Mr Tavlar 4-4)04 Eva, * 4401 GLANFORD GARDENS BARGAIN HUNTERS I M L 5#1- Older-type 4',-rotim bun- galow in a dandy d Ulrlrt gurrnund- rd by new hornet In top condition 1 With PULL BASEMENT and piped I furnace. fu(| high b*,»m*n autonauc oil heal Very large |al • "* e«»k garden Abundance of flaweri and khriiba and ait egrep- ttonal yegetablf garden Till* fin# h«mr nnlv three year, old. located rto M In on a lantacaped lot 14*2« a •• r * # pi Ho aviflnaklng Ih# water. r rrsifirnl of Vancouver Island Mayno isiand and was also a light- for Ihc past 6.1 years, died in Kind's hnusr builder. Fu- She was married In 1911, living In ncral will in? of which aho was a (wist noble jjrnnd and’ pawt district deputy president.

who** jhthander hjiung and pitching wa« the •lied nine bright spot in the Furnltuie 1 another men* attack throughout the Dip first »'"«•-«* was ihe tug blow of the rally. Vie Thera promptly battered the tiring Furmston for three run* ir Their half of the Inning to tie the srore alter the first two batters had been retired. ZTV: confident that we could Ilelo I* vimnirr* »« o«» n«v a first rate team. 'deorii for a group of Victoria soccer with the proposed squad In \ /FK'KCl ja B berth Lewi* ha« received no word an.* its r-n ita re iv The Victoria group pressing from Cn*st league nfflda K but * y 0 "7.hir* 1M t 'a~c£m rs for a franchise consists of feel* Confident ihat a franchise d4**1 UM far Bln* ftar-lai*4 an* 1* PLAYOFF FINALS LACROSSE MEMORIAL ARENA TONIGHT — 8.30 P. SHAMROCKS NANAIMO TIMBERMEN Fourth Game of Brst-of-Sevcn Herie* SEASON TICKET SALE TODAY — 10 A M. Oo.»r Prl home • ith lull, fln b* r nirnt Double plumbing Thu oiii.f be «*n by Ih# nailing buvera a, it |* *%lra , perlal P M.'i.'i 3-717* ev*. New rapper piping Utllliy or tewing room and amell glavaed- tn tunpntch Duroid roof Take* only 5471 Very no*# to but. Ptuit tree* Sam* party ha* *d- J'nn.n* Ini for aale *1 1115 Thia ta a a nod thrifty buv for aomrong • i'h 51,500 ea#h. 50 Call Bnv llama 3-4J.14 anytime Re, 4-1174 HOME IS A WOMAN i SURROUNDED BY A GOOD HOUSE show vour wife thi* bunasluw and vau II nave a happy hom* She will |n«e the ,martlr-d* I v./JU Mr. R*a ).*aan BROWN BROS Ihureo ham* of roam, on ma n floor plue two bedrooma and plumb- ing up, tali, concealed ttatrway all l« A- 1 rendli mo full ba M-mtni. drive-in garag# and land- *una term#, e- , c, 00 2 Vi YEARS OLD MUST BE SOLD A charming bungalow wilh llalng ronm. An unuvueliy tparmu, home with combination living and dining roam 32*1*. ilreplec# and hardwood Mnd»rn kt'chao with dining bunk utility room, two large bedroom, with larga rlnieta. »*,,lon living ranni 1 a v I • iai fireplace, on* In haomrni Chan-e of a life'll - MUVT SILL I O Pa'rtck 4-105* or ^ ooti. Predeceased by her husband tn 1933, she in survived by two daugh- ter*.

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% Forecast — Cloudy , little change (Details on Page 2) Telephone — 3-4111 NO. William Bond, living on Bond Island off this west coast Van- couver Island centre, didn't have to leave home to bag themse Kes a cougar. but it's great to lie back," chorused this group of Victoria Boy Scouts who returned yesterday from the world Scout jamborfc at Nigara-on-the-Lake, From left. 2215 Bowker; David Helgesen, Rocky Point road; Bruce Fraser. Earliest Pennant W in in History w lii Siirlit for Resurgent Dodgers IIIIH IHM mvn V ITIOV VI 1 • Mil • The bc Avievf Invasion of gun* is 11 1 « Around Gstnim HI ulvci - tn m ai Report* from Cowirhan Lake indicate that a good ntimher imuimh ti of limit hags should come from Rohson River territorv hut that y, M ‘ liutilers mav have to work harder for their birds at Hill Wl. Klirhen TWo oedrnnni* and baihrnum Neal garnen wnh thilg I Drive by and if iniaregied Plea, a eiintsrl our Office Pf|»g 4* 504 Hager to Rwgyn* Um Kei L LOW DOWN OPPORTUNITY FAIRFIELD Three Bedrooms lliiu bv and tee nil, leww utlf Ml. 50 Down, 4 Bedrooms Central Mur'gag* home with bl* , T “ *' 50 Alet Pag*. 00 DOWN 00 Ready for tvrrupaney We n*i two n*e three- bed: no tn home thr«"gh-h#'l nlan living rone dining rrvarw Pull b#«*m»ni wit Oll-O Malle he*' C.n** in aehnn and III Bag UI44S ^ , zv Q/ -. 9 5*22 or 9-3193 KING REALTY 191 YARROW BLOG DUPLEX medium 'onlonj and cut Into slices • ; third of an inch thick then separate Into rings *nd use the large outer ones. Season a quarter of a rup of flour with a quarter of a teaspoon of sah and a few grains of pepper. He was instructed by the court to put a minimum of ,500 of it into government bonds, to he heki until he is 21. a W FRESH rot v s^Y H-airwy Ap pew ES Pony-tiz# loaf for fh* youngitsrs with ovory full- siza RANCH LOAF you buyl Your young cowpokos will go for that* miniature loavst •at ’em, and want more! salinity, feet to determine the type and north of the Tropic of Cancer.

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