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They both work night and day and they hardly even have time for their only son.

We all know how this young mother appeared in TV just a few days prior to her delivery last time. Her career is at the height of success right now and we all know how difficult it is for a woman her age to be in her position.

But, there are already several rumors flying around about a second pregnancy. We have all the answers, all thanks to a source close to Cupp.

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It’s only been a year since American conservative political commentator and writer, S.

E Cupp gave birth to her first child with her beloved husband, John Goodwin.

So, she is very worried about how she would be managing time for her two children.”If the information given by the informant is actually true then, Cupp has a genuine reason to get worried.

After all, she and her husband had decided to keep a huge gap between their first child and the second one.

“The couple never planned to have more than one child before John II turned at least four and went off to kindergarten. They are not ruthless enough to abort a soul who has not even seen this world.

They are keeping it and I guess Cupp is around a month or two pregnant now.” All of the evidence points towards her pregnancy so far.

He may be conditioned from birth, but there comes a time when he chooses Chomsky over Hayek.

My political beliefs stem from data analysis, academic pursuits and travels abroad.

You’ve got to be honest.” Suddenly, Cupp found herself surrounded by three liberal men – Democratic strategist James Carville being the third – shouting their hypocritical views at her. It didn’t give him the right to go in there with guns blazing.” Whatever that meant, after some additional non sequiturs were spouted by the liberals on the panel, Cupp correctly stated, “If a Republican was implementing a drone war that killed hundreds of innocent children - children! ” Completely missing the hypocrisy, Jackson entered the discussion saying, “You didn’t start none of that s—t with Dick Cheney when he was doing that s—t.” “Why aren’t you doing it with Obama? “Because you don’t want to f—k with Dick Cheney,” said Jackson.


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