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Obet Montes, coordinator for services of the women's group GABRIELA, says this is due to the victim’s fear of society’s judgment, of not wanting to be branded as maruming babae (dirty woman).They further state that oftentimes a rape victim becomes so afraid that she is going to be blamed for the crime that she denies that she was violated.During the year, the PNP reported 685 rape cases There were reports of rape and sexual abuse of women in police or protective custody—often women from marginalized groups, such as suspected prostitutes, drug users, and lower income individuals arrested for minor crimes. Women in the custody of law enforcement officials in the Philippines are vulnerable to torture, including rape and sexual abuse.

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2) By any person who, under any of the circumstances mentioned in paragraph 1 hereof, shall commit an act of sexual assault by inserting his penis into another person’s mouth or anal orifice, or any instrument or object, into the genital or anal orifice of another cultural and social stigmatisation associated with rape act as significant barriers to women reporting rape.

The quickest route into town from the station is to catch the Cologne S-Bahn - which takes only 5 to 10 minutes to reach the center.

For other journeys, the city has a superb bus and tram network.

The organization fears that this figure represents only a fraction of the real number of cases.

Rape of women detainees by police officers, jail guards or military officials always constitutes torture.

According to Amnesty International's information, there has been only a small number of convictions of police officers for the rape of female detainees.

Although the sex trade in the Philippines mostly caters to the indigenous population, NGOs and religious groups regularly sensationalize the problems of prostitution by drawing attention to the foreigner-oriented segment of this business. Daniel Smith was sentenced to 40 years in prison for the rape of a Filipino woman.

All trains between Hamburg and Cologne depart from Hamburg Hauptbahnhof and arrive at Cologne Hauptbahnhof.


  1. Then, one or both of you can send a message and head to the show together.

  2. NLSACPC is committed to participating in community events that allow us to raise awareness and educate the public on matters of sexual violence.

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