Silverlight xap file not updating

So, we’ve seen that the Silverlight browser plug-in and Silverlight CLR, both of which are running on the client’s machine, are the main components when it comes to executing a native .

silverlight xap file not updating-26

Web” application: If you open this html page and scroll all the way down, you will see an tag represent the Silverlight browser plug-in and MIME type (application/x-silverlight-2 in this case), which the browser uses to load and instantiate appropriate plug-ins.

If browser doesn’t find the Silverlight plug-in installed, it will present the following message (see Figure 4) using the anchor tag inside the tag, and clicking on this button will download the Silverlight plug-in.

If you’re curious, you’ll see something like the following in the App file: The Silverlight CLR (and if that term raise questions in your mind, I’ll explain it shortly) reads this file to load the Silverlight Application assembly (specified by the Entry Point Assembly attribute), which is located in the Silverlight file (specified in ), and then create an instance of the Silverlight Application.

App class (as specified in the Entry Point Type attribute).

When we build this project, Visual Studio will compile this project into a file and, if you look inside the “Client Bin” folder in the “Silverlight Application.web” web application, you will see a Silverlight file.

That’s the end result of having built the Silverlight Application project, and I will explain the importance of the file in more detail later in the article.

It has a number of methods, but the most important are create Object and create Object Ex, which are used to instantiate Silverlight.

While we’re on the topic, there are two ways to embed a Silverlight plug-in into your web page: This is the simplest way to embed the Silverlight plug-in and also the default approach used by Visual Studio when you choose to host your Silverlight application in a web page.

In the unlikely event that you don’t know about Silverlight, it’s a web-based technology that allows designers and developers to deliver Rich Internet Applications (RIA) embedded in web pages.


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