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She points out that human trafficking exists in many industries beside sex. I am a woman with an entrepreneurial spirit who loves to hold people close and help them through difficult times in their life. And that is how I refer to myself, because sex work is sacred." She has, at times, felt vulnerable in her job. But I don't feel any less safe doing sex work than I do walking in the world." (Black and Native American women have the highest rates of homicide death among women in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The International Labour Organization estimates that, as of 2012, there were 4.5 million people trapped in sex work globally and 14.2 million trapped in other kinds of forced labor, including in agriculture, construction, domestic work, and manufacturing. "No, but it's not the majority." "I love my work," she continued. More than half of the black women murdered in the United States each year are killed by a husband, boyfriend, or partner.) Nevertheless, there is a difference between adults engaging in consensual sex work (like House, who has been doing it for six years) and youth who are forced into it.

One of those websites was averaging 34,000 ads a month last year." When they find these ads, former sex workers with Real Escape from the Sex Trade (REST)—a Seattle-based Christian group that aims to help people they think are being sexually exploited—reach out via text message, offering support services or just someone to talk to.

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Le Moon was trafficked herself as a youth, by a pimp in New York, and she said the experience was traumatic and plagued with violence and rape. In November, David Delay, a 51-year-old Seattle man, was convicted of 17 felonies for luring more than a dozen youth and young women into sex work.

Prosecutors charged that Delay posed as a filmmaker working on a documentary about sex trafficking, and he recruited Marysa Comer, a 22-year-old North Carolina woman, to help him lure other victims using social media.

Later, she got back into sex work, but this time she did it on her own terms.

"When I started working for myself, it was really nice to reinterpret all those old negative experiences," she said.

Potential interventions for sex buyers include a 10-week class held in Seattle and around King County called "Stopping Sexual Exploitation: A Program for Men," which Beiser said is run by former sex workers.

The class, which costs per session, offers facilitated conversations about how the sex trade impacts victims and survivors, as well as how it affects sex buyers themselves. If anything, it's going to stop people from responding to ads they think are fake." In reality, House said, the online sex trade has actually made the job safer, because connecting with potential buyers beforehand allows both the sex worker and the client to set boundaries and expectations.

According to SAS, the most effective bots are the fake 15-year-old girls. "Buying sex from a minor is a felony and can cause serious long-term harm to the victim," the message may read. Buying sex will not fulfill what you are searching for.

If you want help to stop buying, find out more at " Beiser said that in past year, they've had more than 2,000 buyers interact with a decoy trafficking victim and get through the conversation long enough to receive a deterrence message and a link to get support services if they want to stop buying sex.

"A particularly bad example of how legalization can go wrong is Tunisia," according to Amnesty.

"Tunisian sex workers working in licensed brothels who wish to leave their jobs must obtain authorization from the police and demonstrate they can earn a living through 'honest' means.

When you don't have agency over your own body, you're at risk for a whole slew of bad things.

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