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You can gently and tactfully suggest keeping those pretty frames and filling them together with new memories of the two of you.

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Your partner doesn't need to set the favorite sweatshirt and all those love letters out on the curb. As for photos on display, it’s one thing to have a group picture that includes a past partner on the wall.

It’s another to erect a shrine to that person or plaster the bedroom with a display of the glory days together.

“But," says marriage and family therapist Joan Sherman, "if it’s happening 24-seven, it’s a problem.

It’s going to keep both of you from enjoying the new relationship.” Sherman says if you're hearing every detail and story about the former relationship, it’s probably a sign that your partner hasn’t moved on.

If you’re not OK with your current partner’s contact with an ex, say so.

Your partner and his or her ex should be willing to take a break from each other while you two concentrate on what you have together.

Looking at souvenirs from a relationship is part of the healing process.

But, Sherman says, it's time to let go of the reminders when the feelings are resolved.

It doesn’t have to be a permanent break, but it is the respectful thing to do. During orgasm, the mind is totally uninhibited, making it easier for someone else’s name to slip out, Gray says.

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