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Bottom line is, don't hold your breath that they will live happily ever after.The single best thing to do is to accept it, move on, be as happy and fulfilled as you can with your new life and watch their relationship run its course.Usually, before too long, after the excitement of a new love passes, they start to see the little things that they don't like and different or bigger set of problems or even the same issues they had with you -only now with someone they like less- begin to pop up.

He was still in pain emotionally and he wanted to get it over with so he thought jumping into a new relationship with both feet would help him heal and be over me and our relationship sooner.

There was no chance in the world he could start with someone new while not being over me and our marriage -even though he wanted to believe and told everyone he was.

Moment By Moment Relationships: Why Do Some Women Alternate Between ‘Bad Boys’ And ‘Nice Guys’?

I am almost positive my ex is dating someone else, or at least it appears so on her facebook when he writes on her wall, but she is talking to me more often than she has in the past.

They now could see in a greater clarity how much better a person you are than the person they were dating before.

Without much ado or any manipulation on your part, your ex will start seriously considering giving your relationship another chance - simply because their rebound made them see that you're not that bad after all! Transform yourself to become a high-value woman with my teachings as thousands of women have attested.

Bottom line is If they're still angry at you, they're not over you. Love and hate are but separated by a very thin line.

My take is he wasn't looking for a relationship, or at least unconsciously he wasn't.

When your ex's rebound relationship implodes - and it will - you can be rest assured that you can re-enter their life with a fanfare and you will look so much better to them, because at that time they begin to really think hard about you and the relationship they left behind!

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