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Likewise, we offer our clients advice in the most diverse areas of the Law, including Family and Succession, Property Leasing and Property Purchase and Sale, both in preventive terms (elaboration of parental sharing agreements, parental custody regulations, purchase agreements, final contracts, wills) and in court representation. 17, Bravo premieres “The New Atlanta,” a reality show following a group of young professionals through work, play and all the ways those two things intersect.“When you have 21 other drop-dead girls competing for one guy it’s just unbelievable,” she says.

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But in between, the tall, Alabama-raised Reese appeared in the first season of CMT’s dating show “Sweet Home Alabama,” as one of several bachelors vying for the affections of a Southern belle.

After falling just short of getting the girl, he returned for Season 2 in 2011, in which he had his pick of a bevy of city and country girls.

The girls learned so much, they learned not to judge someone by what you read about them,” Glassman says.

As for the viewers, Glassman seems excited they would get to see “the real Hailey,” not the one everyone remembers from 2009. In my head, two years ago the Kardashians weren’t married or had any kids, now you get to see the new Hailey Glassman, not the tabloid Hailey Glassman,” Glassman says.

Alas, that romance didn’t last, and now Reese hopes people will get a more well-rounded view of him in “The New Atlanta.” “There’s more business being talked about,” Reese says to Zap2it, “there’s more social scene.

There’s a lot of life lessons learned, more than just, ‘Oh, when is he going to kiss her?

We’re younger, up and coming movers and shakers, us five in the cast of the show.

We’re all really having an impact in Atlanta in the younger demographic.

I’ve been constantly judged in rag mags and tabloids. People said things, they [the media] will pay anything to get a story and frame it how they want,” Glassman says.


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