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Whatever, not like I’m going to have to pick him up! Only instead of keeping her legs by the side, he pulled them both up. And a part of me, okay most of me, actually wanted to see the head push against her ass, actually wanting her to lose her anal virginity right now. But again, Chris surprised me, showing that he had the willpower where I didn’t, tickling her pussy, and not her ass with his cock. I couldn’t help but feel that familiar tingling sensation race up my back, bringing a bright rouge color to my cheeks. Only Chris could say something so cheesy and sweet while fucking another woman! The words caused both of us to stop, laughing a little.

If anything, I’ll probably be fucking his son while he’s waiting to get off the airplane. The head was completely slick with pre-cum (as well as his sister’s pussy juices! The two moaned at the same time when he pushed his hips forward, driving his cock slowly into her. Not wanting to keep me embarrassed, Chris leaned in for a loving kiss, gently massaging my lips with his all the while his cock pumped into his sister.

For a few seconds I lazily let it adjust, noticing just the faintest hint of light shining through the drapes, indicating that it was early morning. ” I moaned, both from the taste of my daughter’s sex juices as well as my son’s words, knowing what was coming.

Even Tina, who she had promised to go with to the mall last week (with Chris chaperoning of course! She was also completely diligent in getting her homework done, well – right after our first fuck session of the afternoon.

But yeah, after that, she always made sure to do her homework with her brother, ensuring that everything was done so we could spend the rest of the evening together.

She was the perfect person to introduce into our bed, maybe even more so than Lily, hehe! Yes, I had known about them fooling around plenty of times without me there, but…ever since Jessie went all the way with Chris, it had been much different to say the least! I thought it was just for him to play with, but – “Lick mom’s asshole Jess.

Although, I must admit, the thought of my sister going down on Jessie… The lust my boyfriend had in his eyes was intoxicating, even more so because the gaze wasn’t directed at me! Jessie and I alternated our glances between Chris and each other, grinning seductively the entire time.

My old rules of sleeping early on a school night pretty much went out the window on day one, the three of us staying up well past midnight. Chris didn’t even look at me, barely parting his lips, his gaze completely focused on the little Asian bombshell between his legs. It didn’t matter that I just climaxed, or that I was her mother first. Instead of the slow, sticky wet sound, it was replaced by loud smacks, getting quicker and quicker with each passing second. One capable of satisfying two woman, whether alone or together.

It was made easy by the fact that Charles declared he had a business trip for the week, leaving last Sunday and returning sometime later –today actually, Saturday. Chris abruptly grabbed his sister’s waist and rolled over into missionary. I didn’t blame him, my eyes was there too, probably more anxious than Chris to see her get fucked again! I simply wanted to see a fat cock in her ass, watch as her face contorted itself into that same mixture of disbelief and euphoria that was on my own face! And dinner had hardly been the only thing cast aside; with my husband out of the house for a week, I never bothered to get dressed outside of shorts and t-shirts, having way too many sets of lingerie and bras/underwear to run out that quickly anyways (I’d only change to a coat and sweats if I did need to go out for groceries or run an errand). Promise.’ I wasn’t the only one either, my daughter changing up her schedule just as much! Vacuuming or cleaning the kitchen, something I normally did twice a week, had been relegated to ‘I’ll get to it when I have the time. Twice, I either heard or was told form her that she cancelled plans with friends. Thanks again for the patience and hope you enjoy (entire chapter takes place in one room! We turn into pudding in Chris’ – UUUGhhhh, FUUc KK!! ) “Ugh” The groan stirred me just enough to fall out of unconsciousness, opening my eyes. It was unbelievable fun for the three of us; the ordinary roles between us so fucked up that it didn’t matter at all. And here I was with the same feeling, happily giving up my own orgasm just so I can watch her getting fucked again, dying to eat a thick, morning creampie from her pink pussy!

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