Real life cam x

With so many motion-activated cameras out there, it's no huge surprise that a few weird images have been captured over their years...

but we never would have expected to see pictures as disturbing as these are!

We were able to find some comfort in the knowledge that flying squirrels primarily eat seeds, nuts, fruit and insects instead of larger animals (like humans, for example), but this flying squirrel appears to be ready to evolve and start moving onto bigger prey.

Real life cam x-27

it genuinely looks like some sort of skeletal, hairless creature crawled up to the camera and stared directly at it with his glowing white eyes.

This zombie looks way scarier than anything we've ever seen on television, so if this was some sort of prank and it's just a regular guy in an absolutely amazing costume, he should really reveal his tricks to Hollywood.

If it wasn't a prank, he likely died a few seconds later.

We've never really been sure about our feelings towards flying squirrels.

Maybe that's why we're having a mild panic attack looking at this nightmare-inducing trail camera image.

A poor baby deer is running for his life, because he's being chased by some sort of hungry, demonic, bat-like monster.We've seen and heard too many weird things in our life not to—doors opening and closing on their own, things not ever being where we left them, bizarre sounds coming from empty rooms in our homes, you name it. but the same can't be said for the poor owner of this trail camera.This is an image of three vengeful spirits wandering around his local woods late at night, and it definitely justifies our refusal to ever leave our homes past midnight.Like, some days, we think the tiny rodents with wings are super cute.Other days, we find them absolutely terrifying, because... If they don't want to terrorize you on the ground, they have the power to terrorize you in the air!Trail cameras are typically small and unnoticeable, but we really hope some guy somehow spotted one in his local forest, threw on a Grim Reaper costume and tried to play a prank on the camera's owner.

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