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In fact, about half the time, his romances have ended when his girlfriends have hit that fateful mid-20s mark, aging out of Di Caprio’s love like they’ve hit the upper threshold on the kid’s menu at Cracker Barrel. In 19, he was partnered with Kristen Zang; they were both 22.

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The actor arrived at the nightclub with Agdal and a group of friends, before partying the night away in the VIP section.

June 2016 The next month, the pair were spotted together on a weekend getaway in Montauk, New York.

rookie of the year Kelly Rohrbach, 41-year-old Leonardo Di Caprio is back on the market.

After the actor nurses his wounds and does the inner processing work a failed engagement demands, he’s bound to start looking for another chance at love. After dating a bevy of beauties, the Oscar nominee has maintained a pattern of going after supermodels.” It’s true: Over the past decade, all of Di Caprio’s confirmed romantic partners have been traditionally beautiful, blond, and models. Casual flings and rumored trysts aside, to public knowledge, Di Caprio has never had a relationship with anyone who’s been old enough to avoid a military draft.

September 2016 After lying low for a few weeks, Di Caprio and Agdal were spotted on a romantic date at Gotham Bar and Grill in New York City’s Greenwich Village – and a source told PEOPLE that they couldn’t keep their hands off each another. “Like, right out in the open at the table.” By October, a source told PEOPLE that the coupled seemed “more serious.” “Leo seems very into her,” the source said. The group – which also included film producer Mike Medavoy and his wife – stayed at The Brando on Tetiaroa, reported Later in November, Agdal and Di Caprio were seen spending Thanksgiving Eve together in Charleston, South Carolina.

The insider said that the two dined at the restaurant with a small group around p.m. The pair enjoyed lunch at popular eatery Butcher & Bee, and then were seen walking through downtown Charleston together.August 2016 Di Caprio and Agdal were involved in a car accident in late August. She has great energy and seems to make Leo very happy.” The source added, “Whenever they spend time together, Leo acts very happy.Luckily, the Hamptons crash was minor, and a source quickly confirmed that both were “doing great” following the fender-bender. For Leo, Nina seems like a breath of fresh air.” November 2016 When Di Caprio turned 42 in November, Agdal was on hand for a special trip to French Polynesia with him and his mother, Irmelin Indenbirken, PEOPLE confirmed.“Leo was in a booth next to the deejay and basically gazing longingly into Nina’s eyes,” a partygoer told PEOPLE. They were very relaxed together.” February 2017 Though Di Caprio flew solo at the Oscars on Feb.26, he did meet up with his girlfriend at one of Hollywood’s exclusive afterparties later that night: a private bash hosted by Madonna and her manager.But, if you were Leonardo wouldn't you take advantage of your fame and good looks too?

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