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He was a member of the national Austrian soccer team (err, football…) and they were in town for some reason. He spoke absolutely horrendous English which was fine because my German is nothing to write home about. We began kissing and I could tell he was about to cop a feel. I imagine it’s akin to thinking you’re with a goddess and abruptly learning you’re with a mere mortal hosting a furry animal atop her head.

I love my hair and I wear it every chance I get, but can you imagine?

Working out, running through the rain, and even dancing can become treacherous endeavors.

Aside from the pain of putting in the cornrows, it was a relatively bearable process, and boy, oh boy, did they look .

I was out at a club (I mean, err, the library) a few years ago, standing around pretending to be casual about my uber-thick, insanely long tresses. I felt like such star, sashsay-ing all over the room, letting my take center stage.

I want to be able to go from the top without catching any speed bumps or a little derailed track, you know.” Age: 29 City: New York City “I like natural hair because it’s her— that’s what I see, that’s what I am gonna get. ” Age: 31 City: New York City “Natural is nice because it adds personality.

Imagine this: If a man wore fake muscles a woman would be real disappointed when they got home. I can think about some of the ladies I’ve met in the club with long hair then in the morning it’s actually short hair. The majority of the time straight hair is pretty plain.

If a man will change his tune over a piece of hair, he’s more than likely not for you.

While cliché’, relationships should be based on love, common interests, and trust…how many inches of virgin Remy you can or cannot fit on your head. Would you date a woman who wore fake hair or is it a deal breaker?

Among fertility and other aesthetic feminine traits is a general love for long, flowing locks. I’ve heard some men bash weave, lacefronts, wigs etc. [pullquote_right]Some of the “baddest” chicks in the game are rocking those same lace fronts you tirelessly tease.[/pullquote_right] Please note that “bald head scallywags” are not the only people who wear fake hair.

The hair industry has tapped into this lust for locks and has made it into a goldmine. I took to Facebook and Twitter recently to poll guys on which they prefer- weave or natural? but turn around and say how “Bad” Beyonce and Meagan Good are. Black, white, red, purple, and women of all races, backgrounds, and hair types wear weave.

Maybe not if you’re a guy, but probably so if you’re a living, breathing, female.

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