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Kit Harrington's butt was exposed in Jon Snow's return to life on Game of Thrones Bobby Cannavale did full frontal nudity in episode two of Vinyl, aided Feb 21, 2016Rear nudity from Glenn Howerton in the February 3rd episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (s11e5) Rear nudity from Ennis Esmer and Craig Roberts in Red Oaks (episodes two and four) Here's a new UK series, Tripped.

Here is a preview of the male nudity: Saturday, Feb 21, 2015 - Toby Schmitz was nekkid in Black Sails again, but no frontal this time.

Saturday, Feb 14, 2015- this episode of Black Sails (s2e4) featured brief frontal nudity from Toby Schmitz - a quick glance at Toby Jr.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt did rear nudity in The Walk Nick Cannon and an unidentified actor did rear nudity in Chi-Raq Rear nudity from Jake Gyllenhaal in Southpaw John Lafayette has most recently played the role of Marshall Turner in The Following, but in 1979 he was a very handsome and very naked young man in a film called Good Luck Miss Wycoff.

Full frontal and rear nudity and a spectacular body.

His physical therapy sessions apparently require him to be shirtless as well.

Days of Our Lives newcomer Christopher Sean has learned that in the world of soaps, even when your character is admitted to the hospital for shoulder surgery, you can expect to be topless for the duration of your stay.

That's what I take from it.'Christopher is just one of the stars to feature in a new video campaign, alongside Imelda Staunton, Downton Abbey's Jim Carter and British singers Nathan Sykes, Nicola Roberts and James Mc Vey from The Vamps.

for the BBC as the ninth Doctor back in 2005, has chastised the broadcaster while reacting to their casting of Jodie Whittaker as the first female version of the character.

Speaking to Digital Spy ahead of series two's launch, Eccleston suggested that Peter Bowker's warm and funny drama deserves more credit than it gets.

Asked if he was surprised by the show's popularity, with almost 7m viewers tuning in to the first run, he replied: "No I wasn't, because I knew the strength of the writing. Is Pete being punished for apparently picking up a format?

They hit the sheets in the January 8th episode of the series, leading to several shirtless scenes.

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