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His physical therapy sessions apparently require him to be shirtless as well.Days of Our Lives newcomer Christopher Sean has learned that in the world of soaps, even when your character is admitted to the hospital for shoulder surgery, you can expect to be topless for the duration of your stay.

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They hit the sheets in the January 8th episode of the series, leading to several shirtless scenes.

Christopher Sean continues to treat viewers to shirtless scenes on Days of Our Lives.

Flashbacks revealed even more of the two, as their sexual history was remembered.

While dealing with his former love, Paul also continues to recover from his shoulder surgery.

This month his character, Paul, revealed a romantic past with Salem resident, Sonny.

Paul’s in the closet and Sonny (played by Freddie Smith) is currently married to Will Horton but that doesn’t stop Paul from planting a kiss on Sonny after getting him alone.

Kit Harrington's butt was exposed in Jon Snow's return to life on Game of Thrones Bobby Cannavale did full frontal nudity in episode two of Vinyl, aided Feb 21, 2016Rear nudity from Glenn Howerton in the February 3rd episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (s11e5) Rear nudity from Ennis Esmer and Craig Roberts in Red Oaks (episodes two and four) Here's a new UK series, Tripped.

The premiere episode features a frontal from Philip Rhys.

Here is a preview of the male nudity: Saturday, Feb 21, 2015 - Toby Schmitz was nekkid in Black Sails again, but no frontal this time.


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