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These take place invisibly without any need for user involvement.

F-Secure Mobile Security also supports automatic detection of data connections such as GPRS / UMTS / Wi-Fi / WLAN etc.

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You will want to comment line 62 (and uncomment 63) if you are using Communicator or Lync 2010, or leave it as is if you are using Lync 2013.

, 2007, we would like to announce a list of our Personal Audio devices which will be compatible with it.

It resolves an issue that took me quite awhile to diagnose, where it would sometimes hang when signing out of Lync.

When the client state change event occurs, the corresponding function would check if you are signed in or not.

The solution works invisibly in the background scanning all network traffic and monitoring the device for malware.

Whenever any data connection is used on the smartphone, F-Secure Mobile Security automatically retrieves the newest updates.A firewall is especially useful in devices that use Wi-Fi or other public networks for Internet access.Transparent, real-time protection locally on the device F-Secure Mobile Security is designed to be as easy to use as possible.The application combines real-time antivirus functionality with a firewall making the device completely safe in today's connected lives.Technical savvy is not required when installing nor running F-Secure Mobile Security.Mobile malware such as viruses, worms and trojans have become a nuisance that more and more smartphone users have to deal with.


  1. Furthermore, we easily find new target groups when we want to make special custom mailshots.

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