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Topics covered include the weather, picket duty, skirmishes with the enemy, building fortifications, taking prisoners, and various battles in which the unit participated in at Suffolk, Glade Springs, New Bern, and Drewrys Bluff.

Letter, 6 November 1864, from Richard [-----], in the Officers' General Hospital Ward 2, near Fort Monroe, Virginia, to his wife Libby in Lynn, Massachusetts, discussing his stay in the hospital, other patients, his hope of receiving a leave of absence or of being transferred to a Massachusetts hospital, and his family.

Of the contentious system of star ratings, he said, “The star rating system is relative, not absolute.

The following year, retitled Sneak Previews, the show was broadcasting nationally, and it went on to receive seven Emmy nominations.

He also compiled two books exclusively featuring his venomously wicked pans of films he disliked.

Born Roger Joseph Ebert in Urbana, Illinois, in 1942, he remembered his electrician father and bookkeeper mother as staunch liberals who prayed for Harry S Truman’s victory in the 1948 elections.

Letter, 19 March 1863, from Tom [-----], a Union solder at Winchester, Virginia, to his mother, discussing a march to West Virginia to vote on the new state constitution, the illness of his father who is in the same company as the author, and the confiscation of a rebel wagon.

history of the 17th Virginia regiment detailing the movements of the regiment in campaigns of 18.

In 1976 he teamed with Gene Siskel of the Chicago Tribune to host Coming Soon To A Theater Near You, a weekly television show of film criticism for a public broadcasting station in Chicago.

The books he authored, besides collected film reviews, included works on the first hundred years of the University of Illinois (An Illinois Century), a fictional thriller (Behind the Phantom’s Mask) and a guidebook, The Perfect London Walk, a tour of his favourite European city.

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