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I know you can't tell me I won't ever catch herpes (which is really what I want to hear), but what are my chances of catching it under these circumstances?

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Three months ago I began going out with my best friend of three years.

Just before we started dating, she told me she has genital herpes. My chances of catching herpes from her seem slim, and we use as much protection as we can.

I moved back home after four months, and he was supposed to join me three weeks later.

However, extenuating circumstances prevented him from coming for three months.

Think about it: Your girlfriend, a herpes "sufferer," had one outbreak, and takes two pills a day.

That's it, that's the total physical impact herpes has on her.Psychologically speaking, however, she's had to come to grips with having an STD for the rest of her life, deal with the guilt of not informing her boyfriends prior to you, and now she has to live with a boyfriend who jumps out of bed and boils his dick immediately after sex.Her psychological suffering is greater than the physical suffering, dontcha think?When he's least expecting it, ask him, "Do you have a sexually transmitted disease?" If you catch him off-guard, he may be too stunned to lie or to lie convincingly.She takes Valtrex twice a day, and has not had an outbreak since her first.

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