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A preview of this report will be outlined tomorrow by assembly administrator Giorgio Loddo, as the final part of this ‘Witness’ series.

Witness 1 : Livia Aninosanu – Loverboys, minors and the sex trade Witness 2 : Roshan Heiler – Human trafficking and the sex trade in Aachen Witness 3: Sonja Dolinsek – Is anti-trafficking really a fight against sex work?

The Swedish legislative proposal stated that is shameful and unacceptable that men should obtain casual sexual services with women in return for payment, in a gender-equal society and pointed out that prostitution results in serious harm to both individuals and to the society.

Others argue that there is a clear link between prostitution and human trafficking for sexual purposes.

In 1999, Sweden became the first country in the world to criminalize the purchase of sex.

The ‘Swedish model’ – a ban against the purchase but not the sale, of sexual services – is gaining support across Europe.

In 17th century Sweden was one of the largest producer of weapon however it has not participated in any war and therefore it is regarded as one of the most peaceful nation in the world.

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The Swedish ban is considered an important reference point in Europe’s policy approach towards the sex trade.

An analysis of the impact of the ‘Swedish model’ is at the heart of a Parliamentary Assembly investigation into human trafficking and the sex trade,which will see a report presented by José Mendes Bota, its General Rapporteur on Violence Against Women, to the assembly’s April Spring session.

Reinfeldt also declared that he intended to evaluate the Swedish legislation on sex trafficking.

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