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The now open upstairs bar at Pook is said to feature girls.

The bar is decorated accordingly and the bar is also stocked with an enormous selection of drinks.

Perhaps from the Scottish connection, I assumed that the array of bottles would be mostly whiskeys, but there is actually a wide selection of all drinks.

I have always been looked after well in the bar There is a computerised music system with every track known to man.

They allow a bit of naughty stuff in the bar but they make of a play of shutting doors and standing guard. There's no bar theme linking the bar with either Spanish bull fighting or even the Birmingham shopping centre.

Lady drink prices depend on what the girl wants: 100 baht for a Spy red, 115 baht for a bottled Leo, etc. They reportedly are all non-salaried free-lancers so the "go upstairs" refrain was all too frequent.

There is an unused tiny dance platform immediately inside the door.

The bar seemed well run and the bar tabs were fair with bottled beer going for 70-75 Baht (strangely two prices for the same brand of beer though! I paid 300 1000 for ST, but figure out after that it could work for 1000 all inclusive... Bar fine was 700 at first, then become 500 later... Nicely appointed in wood and tile with comfortable sofas and discreet cubicles, it is a perfect example of mediocrity and the paramount importance of the staff.

) But as always, merits in this type of bar are down to the hostess of choice. The current owner seems to have sunk a fortune into the place, but no matter how attractive the decor, no matter what the owner's intentions, the ladies in residence are the key to return business.

I generally give the lady boys a wide birth and don't really fancy pushing past them to a rather unknown upstairs bar. It seems to have been taken over by the people who previously had the popular Soi 6 Corner Bar on the opposite corner, before the building was redeveloped into an empty space. You can go and have your fun nearby with your new "friend" then come back and relax in the bar and even have a game of pool on the nice slate-bed table.

A few changes seem to have occurred in this bar over the last year. The general atmosphere in the bar definitely seemed different from all other bars down the street when I visited it. If you want to listen to your favourite song you can be your own DJ on the computer disco system. Now returned to British Bulldog, see below Lured in by a suitably good looking girl, but then things went downhill a bit.

My selection was eloquent, witty, pretty and suitably enticing so the bar was therefore a hit. I preferred Butterfly, less girls but they're friendly and know how to party and be fun too. The curtains on the cubicles showed promise of special things to come. Our ladies-of-the-hour were attractive, funny and talkative, but generally non-responsive, allowing a minimum of grab and tickle.

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