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A primary school teacher and his husband were found dead on a beach in a murder-suicide after allegations they sexually abused teenage boys.

Aric Babbitt, 40, and his partner Matthew Deyo, 36, came under investigation when a 16-year-old boy told police he was in a sexual relationship with the couple.

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He said Babbitt became his mentor when he came out as gay to his family.

The teenager described how Babbitt and his husband took the teenager to a hotel and Babbitt’s cabin for sex, using marijuana and alcohol to get the teenager intoxicated.

Aric Babbitt, 40, was a longtime teacher at Lincoln Center Elementary in South St. He lived with his husband, 36-year-old Matthew Deyo, in a house on 5th Avenue South.

The couple’s bodies were discovered in Washington state on Thursday, in what police describe as a murder-suicide.

The boy told police that shortly after he turned 16, Mr Babbitt and Mr Deyo asked his parents, who were friends of the couple, if they could take him to a concert in Minneapolis.

Mr Babbitt and Mr Deyo then gave the boy alcohol and marijuana, the court documents said.The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is believed to have given the police pictures of himself naked with Mr Babbitt.The boy told police he didn't want to get involved in a relationship with the couple, but didn't know how to say no to his former elementary school teacher and mentor.The two bodies were found by a kayaker the following day, according to San Juan County Sheriff Ron Krebs, who said local people had heard gunshots at about 8.30pm the night before.Mr Babbitt, who had been a primary school teacher at Lincoln Center Elementary School since 2002, was suspended following the allegations, but neither Mr Babbitt nor Mr Deyo had been charged with any crime at the time of their deaths.At least two other victims are thought to have come forward, claiming they were also pressured into sexual activity with the couple.


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