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Rather than floating around with a crowd, I liked to read and spend time in my room.

She knew early on what it has taken me quite a while to accept: I am, without a doubt, an introvert.

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Yet introverts can become open and social in certain situations.

If introverts feel comfortable, or feel the need to speak up, there is no reason why we wouldn’t.

We’ve all seen extroverts at work, bouncing from one thing to the next, and trying to get everything done at once.

While their energy is admirable, it can also be ineffective. They know how to harness their energy and concentrate on producing great results–whether in personal or professional relationships. If you’ve ever been in a relationship with an introvert, you know they are listening, because they’re not only talking less, but are taking in your concerns and coming up with something meaningful to say.

Introverts aren’t always wallflowers, but they do find social encounters more draining than extroverts.

In a sense, we need to choose the times and places we become outgoing more carefully, and we need to recharge after being in these situations.

It’s not that I to be surrounded by only a few people I’ve formed a real connection with. Just think of the slew of leaders, business giants, famous TV personalities, and humanitarians who are outgoing and confident, and excel in the spotlight.

As a modern culture, we value people with traits associated with extroverts–people who are outgoing, open, and naturally social.

Most often, this means that they get to know people on a much deeper and more meaningful level. While extroverts have more friends and acquaintances, they can’t always be expected to know intimate details about these people.


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