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Another benefit of online dating, is that you don't have to deal with rejection face-to-face.It also means that it's less intimidating for you when you have to tell someone that you are not interested.

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But these two couples met via Quiz Up, so why can't you?

The premise is prime for finding love: You're matched in trivia games in over 1,000 very specific categories, such as aviation or literary topics. Like Coffee Meets Bagel, Once dating app just gives you one — count 'em, one — match per day.

Making the first move can be frightening, but it will help you to meet people.

If you're worried about sending a message straight away, you could add them to your 'favourites', that way they will know that you are interested and may then chose to send you a message.

You can also go back and make changes to your profile text.

It's completely normal to be wary of rejection, but it shouldn't stop you from getting what you want from life.

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If you're shy, don't be ashamed to say it, let people know if you prefer to spend time with close friends, rather than competing for attention in a large group.


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  2. Raghu is experiencing pre-marital jitters before his arranged marriage.

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  4. Hi Stephan, What type of friendship do you have with the SD? What changed for you to start liking or considering mature men? I have an irrational need to be friends with everyone and drama free.

  5. They're asking other women, listening to so-called relationship experts, and believing statistics.

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