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Kaarem makes versatile clothes that drape so beautifully, even when I was pregnant.

I love how fearless Opening Ceremony is, not just with their collections, but also in their social-media posts, genre-breaking runway shows, and collaborations. And because I’m not willing to wear heels, it’s a nice way to accessorize and change them up.

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“Kondo’s way of thinking about socks is that they have feelings and are animated. But I wore it on a writers’ retreat to Vegas while I was pregnant. My husband witnessed me agonizing at my computer, desperately combing through Shopbop and Net-a-Porter for a fancy dress.

Now I don’t do that thing of one being stretched out over the other. Yeah, I was reading a bunch of books, like the Ta-Nehisi Coates book and When Breath Becomes Air [by Paul Kalanithi]. I’ve been thinking that I do want to leave my daughter with something. You’ve never seen one like this: It asks for Fiji water and, in the hotel, there must be a crib and two quarts of organic vitamin D milk. People are usually like, “When we get requests for specific liquid beverages, it’s for Cristal or Veuve.” But I’m like, “Please do not spend any money on candles or baskets with stuff that white people like, like cheese on crackers How’s it going, traveling with your husband and baby? It was really lonely when I was by myself and had to figure out what to do with myself during the day. I was like, The plan was to pair it with black sneakers but then I forgot them at home, so instead I wore those Melissa Jason Wu jelly flats. They follow you because of what you say.” Then I relaxed and immediately found this Preen by Thornton Bregazzi dress that fit perfectly. Fashion and style can be a big part of a celebrity’s image.

Do you see your comedy as a vehicle for communicating your thoughts about Asian representation? I do whatever is first and foremost funny and interesting. In my stand-up, I’m trying to do what’s funny and interesting and not send out political messages.

Sometimes that happens to concern Asian-American identity, but not a lot of it. I need someone in society like that: a woman who speaks on everything. But at the same time, you have to be able to fight everyday. Steve Harvey made headlines earlier this month with an old comedy bit that presented Asian men as being unattractive.

But it is something I will always be interested in. In your comedy set, you actually riff the other way.

But I also think it’s dicey, with comedians, to view them as politicians. I don’t want to have an opinion on everything and have people comb through it and hold me accountable. But now you have some comic people turned into politicians, which is cool for them. Was that purposeful — as a way to take down that preconception, perpetuated by Harvey and others like him? It was mostly a funny joke, but it comes from a real place.

Since going from unknown to known, Wong’s life has changed; during this photo shoot, she admitted to the Cut’s senior market editor, Diana Tsui, that now she even has to wear a disguise when she goes to Target. I want to write my daughter something about how much I love her and what I would want to say to her before I die. There are some stories that aren’t in my stand-up set because they are too long and weird to tell on stage. I mean, Beyoncé spends her professional life with no pants. I have to wear things that are comfortable and not too formfitting.

The Cut talked to Wong about her love for glasses over contacts, her thoughts about using comedy to address Asian representation issues and stereotypes, and the one place she gets recognized the most. It’s hard to spit them out in an hour-long stand-up set, and some of them are very dark. If I’m suffocating and experiencing any sort of pressure in an outfit, it shows on my face and that is not cute. at night, trying out new jokes, my go-to outfit is a pink Kenzo tiger sweatshirt, David Lerner leggings, and Vince sneakers.

Those particular Uniqlo pieces always have interesting shapes and are, most importantly, machine-washable!

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