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I called him up a few hours later and said, ok, I will take her.

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In the distance, motorcycle engines revved and distant dance music throbbed. After a few hours, we climbed onto a wooden boat to cross to the island. Some are outgoing and flirty while others are shy and refuse to speak. To those who scoff at prostitutes and refuse to go near them, please stop. So long as you’re not a complete retard, you can date whoever you want.

Bright blue water reflected the bright blue sky above. Some of the girls are forced to talk to you by their ‘mamasan’ (female pimp) while some will chase you around the bar. It’s not just the prostitutes – it’s practically all Filipina girls. Not “can’t buy a bus ticket poor”, but “can’t find food for dinner” poor. If you wanted to sleep with 3 different girls a day for an entire year, you could do it in the Philippines.

(Reply) The writer of this article is a coward for writing an article that poses judgement on a culture and country without putting his full name. It overlooks the fact that the Philippines is a country with 98% literacy rate, who imports professionals all over the world that the country takes pride in. writer whoever the hell you are, you need to open your eyes and know more people before we take your credibility with your write ups.

Maybe you went on a cheap holiday thats how you landed on a slum, as you would in any other country if you didnt have the money. Unfortunately some countries problems about prostitution are more pronounced than others.

youre a two dollar whore whos pissed you didnt get to ride some bone!

anytime you want to get down and ride my bone, look me up cunt at hussys del pillar ermita. open dat mouth and gag on it bitch Myself & my philipino wife live here in Davao City Philippines, I suppose years ago before I settlled down with my lovley wife I was I real (chick boy) somtimes having 3 girlfriends at once,let me tell u that might seem like Great Fun to some guys but believe me its very stressfull constantly being on ur toes &looking over ur shoulder & remembering that with one slip of the tongue & it’s goodnight the fox for u.

But in other countries where people just have casual sex at weekends out from being drunk is no different situation.

You just showed your ignorance by writing this article.

The Philippines is also a Catholic country colonised by the Spanish who brought their religion with them. The next morning, we began the journey to the islands. One thing that blew me away when I first arrived was how normal the whole deal was.

You’d think that a Catholic country would be inhibited, repressed and boring. After 15 hours sitting in a plane, I walked into the humid city of Manila, capital city of the Philippines. The city roared around me like only Asian metropolises can. We zoomed past towering coconut trees, green rice fields and rickety motorcycles on the highway. For as little as 2000 pesos ( USD), you can take one of these gorgeous girls home for a whole night. You walk into the bar, you buy a drink and various girls approach. Some of them are bar-girls, but most of them are normal girls.

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  2. "Unnatural acts", among them lesbian sexuality, are punishable with 100 lashes.

  3. she’s dead.’ “And that made no sense, because I knew that I’d left her at home with a baby sitter and her brother, so I said, ‘Is my son OK? That’s when everything stopped making sense.” Sometime around 10 p.m., Paris, an unusually gifted child with an IQ of 141, had convinced the baby sitter she could go home.

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