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Cheney derived the name from the last four letters of each craton's name.

An Archaean-Palaeoproterozoic (2.8—2.1 Ga) link between South Africa and Western Australia was first proposed by Button 1976.

These fossils have been interpreted as traces of eukaryotes and cyanobacteria, though some scientists argue that these biomarkers must have entered these rocks later and date the fossils to 2.15–1.68 Ga.

This later time span agrees with estimates based on molecular clocks which dates the eukaryote last common ancestor at 1866–1679 Ma.

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This report, which includes data for the year ending Dec.

Grunehogna collided with the rest of East Antarctica during the Mesoproterozoic assembly of the supercontinent Rodinia and the Grenville orogeny.

The Neoproterozoic Pan-African orogeny and the assembly of Gondwana/Pannotia produced large shear zones between Grunehogna and Kalahari.

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  5. Pernyataan-pernyataan dan argumen yang bergantung pada bukti empiris sering kali disebut sebagai a posteriori (“dari yang setelahnya”) yang dibedakan dari a priori (“dari yang sebelumnya”). Pengetahuan atau pembenaran A priori tidak bergantung pada pengalaman (sebagai contoh “Semua bujangan belum menikah”); sementara pengetahuan atau pembenaran a posteriori bergantung pada pengalaman atau bukti empiris (sebagai contohnya “Beberapa bujangan sangat bahagia”).

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