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Paul said: 'I never dealt with my mum's death and the bigger I got the more depressed I became.'I bottled up my emotions and over time it ground me down, I went from being a regular outgoing guy to a recluse who never left the house for five years.'I never even went to the shops or the doctors, it was so bad, even my friends would have to let themselves into my house to see me.'My friends and family did all they could to try to help me, but it was all about my mindset, I could only make the change once I was ready.'At his largest, Paul weighed a hefty 51st 7lbs giving him a body mass index of 106.5, far exceeding the healthy range which is between 18.5 and 25.

Speaking about dealing with other people's reactions, he added: I reminded myself that people would look, stare, point and say things, but in reality, all of that doesn't matter it isn't important what they think.'When people know what I've been through they are fantastic and now I don't feel anxious about going outside any more.

Paul is has now set up a Go Fund Me account in a bid to have all of the loose skin removed in the hopes he can be happy again in the future.

But he realised he needed to make a drastic change when during a home-visit from his doctor two years ago, he was told he was 'staring down the barrel of a gun' and would 'die' if he didn't do something.

'Before I was literally dying every day, thanks to the help I received, I'm able to start living again, I'm lucky they invested so much into me otherwise I'd have died two years ago,' Paul said.'I was locked in my own flat for five-years, it was definitely an existence rather than a life and took a lot of courage to leave my house to get the op, from there I took it one day at a time.

The independent review was “set up in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal to look at current BBC policies and processes relating to sexual harassment”.

Savile was found to have wantonly sexually abused women and children during his 40-year career without ever being brought to book.

Paul Stevenson, 36, from Alvaston, Derbyshire, is now hoping to raise £15,000 to have surgery to remove three stone of saggy skin around his body.

At his heaviest he says he was Derby's fattest man, gorging on 7,000 calories a day and refusing to leave his home for nearly five years due to his fear of being judged by other people.

[and] it will not stand for sexual harassment of women at the corporation”, a source told the Sunday paper.

They added: “Complaints about these two men may just be the tip of the iceberg at the BBC.” It was originally created in July as a response to the issue of gender pay discrepancy at the corporation but has since evolved into a discussion about inappropriate sexual conduct.

The sports presenter has allegedly been accused of groping five female colleagues, sources told The allegations came to light as it emerged the BBC’s most senior female presenters have formed a group to “discuss issues” amid claims of sexual harassment at the organisation.


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