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Nothing about Jetpack will be slowing your site down. The Word Press Jetpack plugin is pretty massive – in terms of available features.

If you don’t use Jetpack but activate a different plugin for custom CSS, and drop in the same lines of CSS, guess what? And while most of the features are free, there are Premium and Pro editions that give you even more features.

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I simply did not think to save the URL at the time. In the …and then simply refresh your Word Press admin screen a few times.

You should see the Word Press admin CSS styles come back to normal. And you do not even have to leave this Word Press core hack in place.

Even though it’s been almost twenty years since I saw him perform in Oakland, I remember that routine to this day. And because it’s Word Press, and Word Press is free, they’re hoping that they can get those features for free. But to do that, we need to deal with the first myth I hear all the time…

Not because of how awesome it was – though it was good – but because People want features. And that’s when people start talking about Jetpack because it has a ton of features. Word Press is a powerful and flexible content management system for your website. And the Jetpack plugin is a special plugin because it’s more like a container of plugins than just a plugin itself.

What makes it so flexible is that it doesn’t come jam-packed with a million features that you may never use. You install it like a plugin, but that’s where the similarities end.

The moment you activate it, you’ll notice that you now have access to tons of other features you can add to your site. I tried to reinstall Word Press a couple of times to no avail, so intense Google searching ensued. Was it due to updating to the shiny new version of Word Press?The same feature coded by some other plugin will likely have the same performance impact.Here’s my silly example: Imagine that you have activated Jetpack and are using the custom CSS module.I have never had this happen again, otherwise, I will dig in much deeper next time to see if I can identify a root cause within Word Press itself and supply a patch to core.


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