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Have the to-be-weds answer the questions beforehand so you have a correct set of answers.Read each question out loud and have guests write down their answers, then call out the right answers at the end, counting one point for each question answered correctly.

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Make sure there are copies of these snapshots if they are prints, since they won't be returned in one piece!

Cut the photos in half and place each half in an envelope to be handed out randomly to guests when they arrive.

As the Bingo caller, you can opt to play the traditional way in which anyone who gets five spaces in a row horizontally, diagonally or vertically wins, or switch it up after a few rounds to one direction only to make it a little more challenging.

Whichever guest wins each round gets an engagement party favor.

Upon arrival, each guest receives a blank index card and writes a question for the couple (for example: What's your fiancé's biggest pet peeve? Each guest will take turns asking their style question, and after each question, the to-be-weds will write down their answers on white boards.

Then one half of the couple tries to guess what they think their partner answered, then their partner flips over the white board to reveal what they actually wrote, and vice versa for the other person's turn.

It's a throwback that's perfect for personalizing, especially for an engagement party game.

Instead of standard Bingo boards with letter and number combinations (for example: B5), create a board with fun images and phrases related to the couple's relationship (their wedding date, meeting spot, honeymoon location and so on).

The person with the longest list of actual words wins an engagement party favor.

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