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It was their gentle and comforting way that appealed so quickly to your heart and then they attacked your head.

This is the general pattern of the Libran lovers, to reach out for the emotional aspects in people, and yet because of their almost insatiable thirst for knowledge, you won’t get out of a relationship with Libra before demonstrating an interest in more scholarly parts of the world.

They would much prefer to work out arguments with dialogue, and will usually only be satisfied when both sides are shown and each part of the disagreement in resolved.

It also calculates the compatibility between you and your heartthrob using numerology based on the names that were entered.

The Love Test also provides astrological compatibility information about the selected zodiac signs.

When their eyes start to wander change the subject, there is no point trying to force the issue with a Libra, since even if they wanted to keep going their mind may be forcing them in different directions than they want to go in.

Try and flow with their mind and their desires, it is often interesting and always exciting. They know when you are lying and they know when you are trying to conceal some emotion or anger.

Libra Above all the rest your Libra lover is the most passionate, the most comforting and the most amiable of the sun signs. It is likely that you were the wall flower and they approached you at the party.

They struck up a conversation because they sensed in you a discontentedness, or alienation.

Many times Libra can be found mired in a very real and difficult “love triangle.” This means that their hearts are truly divided, and thought they can’t make up their mind as of yet, the air aspects of their sign means that when they do, it may be made coldly and with a detached calculation.

This can lead to broken hearts and deeply hurt feelings and despite the intuitive knowledge that a Libra has of other people, their self preservation is made manifest through this emotionally removed decision making process.

You may notice that for some Libras, this striving for balance results in a real aversion to conflict.

Don’t worry about their feelings though, they are more worried about hurting yours.

*** Note: If you are on the hunt for a Libra man or woman, don’t force things with them.

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