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It fixed the forward DNS entries for the most part.

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I also attached a VBScript version for those who would rather use VBScript then update all the Win2008R2 systems to Power Shell V3.

Update [27/06/2013]: new information regarding the topic: Windows 7 & Reverse Lookup DNS Registration [Update] In my current project we have an Active Directory domain where we use Windows DNS servers with domain integrated DNS zones.

The DNS suffix name is in there, the DNS and DHCP services are also all started and running on each client.

Anyhow, came back two days later, and only a very few number of machines have updated in forward dns represenative of Timestamp value changing from Static to an actual time. First off shouldnt they be updating now if the default update time for XP is 24 hours, and I have Dynamic updating on now???

As an AD guy I was 100% confident we could get this done using GPO’s.

However in the past I have seen strange behavior with the GPO settings below Administrative Templates\Network\DNS client section, and today was just the same. Below Computer Configuration DNS Client there is a setting called “Register PTR Records”.

For the reverse lookup zones we configured secure only updates.

As the DHCP servers in this environment are Linux based we would like the clients to update their PTR records themselves.

To fix the forward, i modified the DHCP server to always update DNS when ever it adds a new client.

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