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From here we can see what was occurring at the time of the deadlock.This is a very simple example, but you can see how this additional information from a trace can help solve the problem.

Note: Because Schema Compare is run via MSBuild, a valid project file is required.

This can be a .sqlproj file, in which case all necessary targets will be defined, but can also be any project file as long as it imports the SSDT target file.

At this point it is impossible for the transactions to be committed, because the data was updated in a different order and SQL Server selects one of the processes as a deadlock victim.

In this tip we will look at how to capture deadlock information.

Databases and .dacpac files are supported and all the settings and options you are familiar with are included.

Two report formats are supported in this version, plain text and XML.

MSBuild integration was at the top of our list for new functionality and we’re very happy to add this much-requested feature.

You can now embed schema compare into your daily build process and easily trace your schema changes.

It can be run from the command line or as an integrated part of automated project build systems to detect changes and generate reports.


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