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This was particularly focused on resisting Greek attempts to seize Smyrna and its hinterland.Victory over the Greeks enabled him to secure revision of the peace settlement in the Treaty of Lausanne.In the wake of my previous piece in this column, “Why the Turkish left hates Erdoğan but loves Castro,” the Cuban Ambassador to Turkey, Mr.

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The rapper said she called it quits because Mustapha is seeing a cougar and has no time for her.

If you happen to be a Christian from the Western side of world, this weekend you might be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

His first goal that month came on the 11th against Rangdajied United in which he found the net in the 23rd minute to give Pune a 1–0 lead which they would eventually give up and lose 3–2.

‎; born 2 November 1962 in Oran) is an Algerian football former player and the legendary number 10 of ASM Oran nicknamed Paulo César referring to the Brazilian player of the 70th (Paulo Cézar "Caju").

He was also Nigeria’s first Acumen Global Fellow.

Prior to joining Andela, Mustapha has worked at KPMG and d.light design.

In that case, let me begin this column with a wholehearted wish: Merry Christmas!

I hope this holy day will be a great time for your family, and bring you all the blessings one could hope for.

Mustapha is a passionate Operations and Business manager whose belief in “business for good” leads him to constantly challenge assumptions at the intersection between business and society.

A varied career has seen Mustapha build up knowledge, experience and expertise across a range of sectors including consulting, social enterprise and renewable energy.

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